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Assess Your Daily Office Furniture Adjustment Needs to Determine Your Productivity

If you spend any amount of time each work day trying to find a comfortable height for your swivel chair or trying to create desk space for your necessary equipment and supplies, you probably have some productivity issues. These issues can cause you to completely stall out if you are not allowing for the fact that comfortable and functional office furniture is a critical part of meeting and exceeding your productivity goals.

It often seems that freelancers, solopreneurs, independent contractors, and telecommuters think they have to make do with the office furniture they once used to surf the web. As someone running a business independently, you need to aim higher, or your business may suffer.

Coworking Spaces in Atlanta Can Help Shed Light on Your Office Furniture Needs

One crucial tip you might take from shared coworking spaces in Atlanta is that, first and foremost, you are human, and even humans in the workplace need some degree of comfort. The DeskTime blog cites a study that indicates that “comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity as much as 16 percent and job satisfaction as much as 24 percent.” The blog goes on to note that building a home office goes beyond simply populating the space with a chair and a desk. You need to choose the right pieces.

Coworking spaces live by this human-focused concept and continually strive to find new ways to offer professional coworking guests a variety of workspace options. Consider a few of the following ideas while you ponder your office furniture and how it affects your own workspace:

  • Reject the Cubicle Mindset. While some traditional offices still use this concept, you do not need to work in a tiny enclosed space. If you recently left an office setting, you may find yourself mimicking a cube design at home. Tear down the walls, and choose furniture that is both ergonomic and attractive. With this newfound freedom, you remove barriers that might otherwise prevent collaboration and inspiration.
  • Table Your Options with Beauty and Multi-functionality. Atlanta coworking spaces, like SharedSpace, have discovered the sheer beauty and functionality of live edge tables. Exquisitely designed and crafted from red wood oak, these tables are also highly mobile, ready for wheeling anywhere you want to spend your work day. Choose from high-top live edge tables where you can set up comfy bar stools for a casual conference room setting. You might also consider a coffee table model to set up beside your work couch while you sip coffee and listen to a podcast or read a brief.
  • Focus on Boosting Energy with the Right Seating or Standing Arrangement. Whether you choose a tradtional office chair, a balance ball chair, or you prefer the idea of a standing desk, it is important to stay flexible and do what works to keep your mood, energy, and productivity elevated.

Shared Coworking Spaces in Atlanta Have What It Takes to Foster Your Productivity

At SharedSpace, we remove the pressure of choosing one set of office furniture and configuration for the life of your business. With month-to-month leases, you can change your plan and office arrangement, according to your needs, whims, and your independent coworking style as you go along. Call us to book your free day to test our office furniture, amenities, and welcoming community to experience all the possibilities for your productivity.


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