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Last year, reported that 4.3 million people, not including the self-employed, now work from home at least half the week. A study by Upwork and Freelancers Union showed that more than 1 in 3 Americans freelanced in 2018, the total number of which grew from 3.7 million to 56.7 million in the previous five years. Forbes reports that 50% of the workforce will be remote by 2027. These workplace trends suggest that coworking has a substantial future ahead of it.

The desire to work from home, to improve work-life balance, to waste less time commuting, not to mention the Gig Economy, entrepreneurship, and “side hustles” are all contributing to the growing number of people who work outside a traditional office environment – either full time or a few times per week. These workplace trends are changing the landscape of the white collar industry.

Workplace Trends Outside Traditional Office Environments

Coworking businesses like Industrious, WeWork, Regus, SharedSpace, Roam, and more… are all growing exponentially as a result. And these facilities and the services they offer are in turn, changing the expectations many companies have about what they need and want in an office space.

Attractive Workplace Trends: Flexible Setup and Leases

It used to be that when you needed an office, you’d contact a real estate agent specializing in commercial property. You’d find a suitable location – a single office, a floor of a building, or the building itself, enter a restrictive year-long lease, move in, and then begin the arduous task of outfitting it with furniture, desks, technology such as printers, routers, phone and internet, not to mention paper, kitchen supplies, coffee, water, and so on.

These days, many companies, even large ones, are avoiding all of this by renting space at coworking facilities. Doing so allows them to forgo the need to set up and administer their own basic office infrastructure, IT, IT staff and even certain administrative staff.

Lease terms are flexible – typically month to month. The spaces are beautiful – almost always modern and trendy with lots of open, creative spaces complete with cushy couches and funky chairs.

Developing Your Identity

And research shows that people thrive working in them. “Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger.”

Where else can you rent space that is completely outfitted with all that you need from basic office functionality to stocked kitchens, high-end decor and on-hand administrative staff?

Coworking Provides Networking and Social Opportunities

There’s also a built-in social scene, special events, and unique networking opportunities that come from being a part of a diverse community that extends beyond your own company walls.

Georgia-based SharedSpace hosts weekly happy hours, monthly breakfasts, educational Lunch and Learns, free yoga classes and whole host of networking opportunities through collaborations with local accelerators and professional organizations. More and more, companies are looking to ready-made spaces not only for on-site infrastructure but for opportunities such as these that energize and excite their employees.

Add to this a number of appealing lifestyle amenities such as laundry service, car detailing, rooms for napping and nursing, and there’s very little else you could desire in a work environment.

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