Working from home sounds great, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for every single person. Without a boss looking over the shoulder, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest cute cat video, or think, “I’ll just send this one last email.” Two hours later, not much work has been accomplished. The answer? Join a shared workspace community to stay focused and be more productive.

Even the most flexible offices have a set routine. Mail arriving, lunch hour, afternoon coffee, and other routines mark time into blocks. Even if you’re not the one heading to the break room, we use these markers to remind us, “Just two hours until quitting time!” When working at home, it’s easier to lose track of time without the hustle and bustle of activity around you.

Humans might be creatures of habit, but keeping the same routine all the time leads to monotony. We need schedules, but our brains also need change to stay stimulated. Changing the scenery is an easy way to remain focused and productive. Even if you primarily work at home, stepping into a coworking hub once or twice a week can keep creative juices following and productivity humming along.

Another benefit to coworking space? Stay in touch with the professional community. Networking is crucial to starting and winning new business. Coworking fills in the networking puzzle. People still like face-to-face meetings more than a LinkedIn intro email.

Working from home you lose the daily contact with colleagues. Bounce your ideas off a real person instead of your cat. Shared spaces bring many different types of working professionals together. A colleague working in a similar field might be sitting near you. The web designer you need to revamp your website could be across the table.

While studies claim remote work is equally, if not more productive, the research ties success back into the individual person and the organization’s needs. Remote work doesn’t necessarily mean the employees work at home every day. Coworking space supports the remote work lifestyle by becoming a professional networking hub and productive workspace.


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