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Why Coworking Spaces Help Their Tenants Thrive

With the rise of remote workers, freelancers, and the gig economy, the majority of jobs are no longer typical 9-5 positions. In exchange for non-traditional work hours, employees are starting to demand more comfort and amenities from their workspaces. The success of coworking spaces and the ability for workers to thrive in them has continued to help propel this movement.

Thanks to these shifts, more people than ever choosing coworking spaces over other types of work environments and the numbers show that there are huge benefits for these workers. Professionals who cowork are generally more productive, have larger business and social networks, and are seeing increased rates of creativity and collaboration on projects.

We even spoke to two of our members, Brent Lancaster and David Bascoe, about why they prefer coworking over traditional offices.

Increased Social Interaction

Coworking spaces typically boast open floor plans, which sets them apart from traditional office spaces which are usually furnished with private desks, cubicles, and other sorts of dividers. While great for hunkering down to meet that last-minute deadline, it’s not as conducive to free-flowing, face-to-face interactions. Brent especially likes the social vibe and the opportunity for collaboration here at SharedSpace. “There are always lunch and learns and other events get people out of their woodwork and interact,” he said. At SharedSpace, lounge areas, communal tables, breakout areas, and our event space are just a few of the places where coworking members can gather and exchange ideas.

More Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

While coworking spaces are for getting work done, they also take into account the most productive workers are those who strike a balance between work and self-care. Community yoga, workshops focusing on mental health, and healthy snack offerings are staples of most coworking sites, and most buildings feature lots of natural light, creating spaces where employees enjoy spending their time. Brent, a parent of two young kids said that he needed a place to work outside of his home in order to separate his work and family time. “I was looking for something segregated from my home life,” he said. “In a word, I would say that for me, SharedSpace is ‘healthy’.”

Built-In Professional Network

Networking has never been easier than when working in a coworking space. Coworking members have access to other professionals in all sorts of industries. This leads to making connections you might not normally have available. Networking is easier and in-house. David, an Atlanta realtor, has experienced these benefits. “I’ve gained business opportunities and connected peers with business opportunities while working here,” he told us. There’s now no longer a reason to pay to go to expensive after-hours networking events when some of your best, most valuable resources are sitting right next to you.

Job Control

The majority of coworking spaces offer 24/7 access to the space. It’s no longer required that employees work on a strict 9-5 schedule. Now, employees have much more freedom to choose when and how they work, creating the opportunity to work more efficiently and effectively. As Brent puts it, “My boss respects that I’ll do a very good job remotely and know how to manage my time. In a highly competitive job market, flexibility is very attractive.”

Members of coworking spaces choose time and time again to return to these spaces instead of opting for traditional offices. Because of this, members often view their work as important and meaningful, leading to more job satisfaction and thriving employees. As David summed it up, “I thrive in coworking spaces because of the opportunity to collaborate with peers, share resources, grow my network, and offer value to the community. I’d recommend SharedSpace to everyone I know and I even referred one of my favorite mortgage lenders who liked the space so much they ended up leasing 4 offices.”

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