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Coworking has seen an explosion of growth within the last few years. The numbers show that this trend won’t be slowing anytime soon. While many factors have led to the rise of the coworking market – shifting trends in workstyle preferences, outsourcing to remote workers, and the rise of property costs just to name a few –  there is another huge reason why workers continue to choose coworking options over traditional office space: community. Continue reading to find out how the benefit of working with a community has impacted the growth of coworking.

How Community Plays a Role in the Growth of Coworking

Many coworking members are freelancers, remote workers, and those who could otherwise work from a home office. Small businesses and startups have a variety of leasing options to choose from. Time and time again, though, these workers are choosing to pay for coworking memberships over spending a few bucks at a coffee shop for a drink and wifi access. Why is that?

Collaboration in a Unique Community

The days of independent workers being a minority of the workforce are behind us, and with our jobs taking up so much of our day-to-day lives, employees are demanding more of their professional environment. It is now no longer only about finding a spot to get your work done. It’s about finding a community where you can collaborate, grow your professional and social circle, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Working in traditional office spaces often don’t afford the unique opportunity that coworking spaces when it comes to community-building and networking. The ability to bounce around ideas with professionals both within and outside of your industry is something that is hard to find in a traditional office space. Open floor plans, breakout areas, and fun spaces to wind down during the workday (mainstays of most coworking spots) are conducive to interactions between members and staff of the space, which is where great ideas and connections are often formed.

To further encourage community-building, members of coworking spaces typically have access to in-house workshops, classes, and networking events that bring members and outside business together, creating an opportunity for both members of the coworking space and the community at large. SharedSpace members are treated to a number of community events across all our locations, including Lunch and Learn panels, Community Yoga, and weekly Happy Hours

Added Productivity 

Most importantly, it is well-known that being part of a community is a key factor in our overall well-being and productivity. According to statistics, not only are members of coworking spaces more productive, but they also have larger business and social networks, in addition to seeing increased rates of creativity and collaborating more on projects. Finding a community that fits your needs, both personally and professionally, is an important part of success. At SharedSpace, a rich, collaborative, and inclusive community is something our whole team works to create every single day.

Contributors to the Growth of Coworking

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