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Start Packing Your Backpack for Your Ideal Coworking Experience

Now that you have chosen your brand new coworking space, you may want to start thinking about what to pack in your new backpack. You have bought a new backpack, haven’t you? It is important to find a high-quality, smart looking, functional, gadget-friendly, and secure backpack in which you can stash and easily carry your daily coworking essentials.

No matter what type of backpack you choose, you want to fill it will all the right gear to ensure high productivity throughout your work day.

Starting work at an upbeat shared workspace facility may bring up feelings akin to how you felt the night before a new school year started, or before you began work at your first job. A million things are likely going through your mind, including how you will get along with your new fellow coworkers, how good the coffee and snacks might be, and of course, what to bring to your Atlanta coworking space to help.

Even though a big part of the reason for your striking out on this new coworking adventure may be to gather new experiences and information through interactions, you also need to bring some comfort items for times you really need to focus on your own, or when you simply cannot find your inspiration to get things moving along.

At Sharedspace, we regularly have the pleasure of meeting new digital coworking professionals, and it is fun and fascinating to see what they bring along to help make our work home their work home.

Consider adding a few of the most unique items—as well as those that are common and flat-out necessary—that our community members and advisors have witnessed sliding in and out of backpacks in our open workspace areas:

  • Your Rig aka Your Laptop. Whether you Mac the days away, or you are strictly PC, your laptop is probably the first item you slip into your backpack. It is always fun to find out everyone’s choice, as well as the style, color, and features everyone uses to achieve their solopreneur goals. Remember to pack your power cable, a backup battery, lightning cables, and any external storage devices you regularly use to keep everything humming along.
  • Headphones. This classic backpack entry works great for times when you need selective sounds to drown out the rest of the usually welcome—we all assume, of course—white noise in the office to bear down and finish a spreadsheet, short story, sonata, or sales letter. There are also times when you simply need to tap into your creativity on a personal level, and only Beethoven or The Beatles piped directly into your ear canals will do.
  • Plants, Paintings, Pictures, and Other Personal Items. Bring something special that inspires you. Whether you love the item because it is colorful, alive like a plant, or has special personal significance, having a few items that spark something special in you will help you feel relaxed and ready to create and interact. Some items we have seen include various types of small houseplants, paintings, family photographs, and even figurines, action figures, or tchotchkes like troll dolls. Anything that you can glance at that makes you instantly smile during a rough day is a good call.
  • Snacks, Snacks, and Yes, More Snacks. While we do provide coffee and some snacks, we all have our favorite go-to snack items that can instantly get the creative juices flowing. For some, ideal snacks might include banana chips, fruit, dark chocolate, and yogurt while others might need an assortment of potato chips and other salty snacks.

It Is Time to Bring Your Well-Stocked Backpack to Your New Coworking Atlanta Space

We hope our list helps you get started on your packing duties. If you actually haven’t yet decided on a coworking Atlanta space, we always have room for one more professional—and all of your gear—at Sharedspace.  Contact us to schedule a free day to see what a day in the life of a coworking professional is like and for additional ideas of what to put in your backpack.



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