I’ve been working at SharedSpace for the better part of a year now as our Community Manager. When I started, I had no idea what that title meant or what my day-to-day would look like. I had a loose understanding of coworking and was excited to help a startup grow while working in a diverse space composed of multiple fields and companies, however, I did not anticipate playing so many distinct roles. Working at a coworking space, nevertheless a startup, guarantees that every day is different, meaning I’m constantly being pulled in different directions and working on various projects.

So what fits under the umbrella of a Community Manager? What are my main roles at SharedSpace?


Maintaining day-to-day operations is the key role of a Community Manager. A coworking space is a business offering services to professionals, so it’s important to collect and distribute the mail, answer the phone, water the plants, keep track of inventory, order and refill supplies as needed, constantly clean and organize the kitchen, conference rooms, and open workspaces.


It’s my job to give scheduled tours to potential members and be prepared for walk-ins at any point in the day. After a tour, it is crucial to follow up with the lead, answer any questions, and keep in touch over email to invite them back into the space for promotions or a free trial day.

Customer service:

Without our lovely members, SharedSpace wouldn’t exist. We value flexibility and hospitality above everything else, and therefore, we must cater to our members’ needs.  A daily part of working in a coworking space is interacting with members and assisting them whether it be with the coffee machine, printer, booking conference rooms, AV setup, or tech issues. I also act as a receptionist, greeting members and directing guests when they get off the elevator and assisting with payments and membership management.


To get people into the space, they need to hear about us first, right? Everyone finds everything on the internet these days, so if you want to run successful business, you need to be on all social media platforms. When members and guests don’t need my immediate attention, I’m updating the content on our website and other marketing materials, writing blog posts, and posting on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Fostering a community:

Our top priority in running a coworking space is cultivating a community. As “community” is in the title of my position, I am expected to bring our members together. I take the time to talk to members, learn their names, and get to know them. Fostering a coworking community also includes planning and executing events, marketing for the events, and encouraging members to attend. In addition to hosting events, I post a “Community Spotlight” on our blog every few weeks, which is a brief interview featuring a SharedSpace member. I send these out in our weekly emails, as well as post the links on social media, to promote members’ businesses and give our members a chance to learn about each other.

Most of my responsibilities and tasks fit under this neat umbrella, however, I feel like my role is constantly evolving. If you ask me again in a few months I’m sure this list will have expanded. Although a concise job description doesn’t exist as a Community Manager, working in a startup coworking space has taught me to be autonomous, patient, adaptable, and innovative in my position. This job is truly what you make it.


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