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There is a strange yet well-known phenomenon surrounding kitchens. People congregate in them. They just do. In this room that is often the smallest space in a home or workplace, people tend to gather for snacks and beverages, but they stay to talk… And talk and talk and talk. It happens all the time here at SharedSpace and we love it. After all, it’s the main reason people want to be members of a coworking community – the conversation, the camaraderie, the connections.

You never know who or what might inspire a new idea, a new business opportunity, or a new friendship. Putting yourself out there is important.

As SharedSpace staff, we often enter the kitchen to find at least one or two lively conversations in progress. We often join in – because we like being part of the community too. And we listen to feedback about what you like and don’t like, and how we can make all of our spaces conducive not only to your comfort but to the growth of your business. 

We try to understand what your business does and help make introductions to other members who might use your or recommend your products and services. SharedSpace even publishes a business directory with each member’s offerings and contact info. 

SharedSpace Amenities & Community Building Efforts

We’re constantly working to create social opportunities and build community and these community-building activities usually happen in – you guessed it – the kitchen. 

Here are a few of the amenities and events we’ve put in place to make it happen organically and to make our kitchen as welcoming, as comfortable, and as fun as possible.

Happy Hour

Coworking members enjoying happy hour

Topping the list is Happy Hour, and it needs little explanation. Every Thursday at 2:30 pm is Thirsty Thursday at SharedSpace. We sponsor beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks as well as non-alcoholic beverages. We welcome everyone to come out and enjoy them at their leisure. SharedSpace staff help introduce members who haven’t yet met and conversation happens naturally. Each SharedSpace location also has a keg on-site so you can grab a beer at a time that suits you or a colleague if Thursday isn’t in the cards.

Great Coffee

A staple of our kitchen is freshly brewed coffee, supplied by our local roaster Bellwood Coffee. You’ll always find fresh carafes of joe at the ready, along with a selection of teas and often seasonal beverages like Iced Tea and Cocoa. These are free for all members and guests to enjoy. Filtered water stations are in every kitchen as well.

Waffle Wednesday at coworking facility

Waffle Wednesday

This event has quickly become a member favorite. On the first Wednesday of every month, our staff dons their aprons and slave away at a waffle iron to bring you a delicious breakfast. 

Sometimes there’s ice cream. Sometimes there are mimosas. Always there’s a good reason to come to work hungry.

Potluck Lunches

From time to time, SharedSpace will organize a PotLuck Lunch, encouraging members to sign up and bring in a dish to share at a community lunch. With so many members of diverse ethnic backgrounds, we love putting an international spin on this event, encouraging food from our members’ home countries. People love talking about food and recipes, and it always leads to good conversation and good times.

Shared Snacks

With so many meetings and so many friends, the SharedSpace kitchen is never without snacks. People often bring in donuts and baked goods to share. Vendors frequently drop off new product samples for our community to enjoy. 

SharedSpace uses the chat app Slack to get the word out to members when there’s free pizza in the kitchen or other goodies to take advantage of, or if special events are about to go down.

Networking Events

SharedSpace recently launched a Women’s Networking Group. While we specialize in professional meeting rooms and event spaces, a favorite place to host these events is in our kitchen where it’s easy to lay out a spread of sandwiches and a few bottles of wine, as well as take advantage of a cozy informal atmosphere for socializing. Many of our members book and host their cocktail mixers in the SharedSpace kitchen as well.

Reading Material 

In most SharedSpace kitchens you’ll find newspapers, information about upcoming events, member directories, magazines, and other reading material. Our Cobb location even has a book-swapping system you can take advantage of – the “SharedLibrary.”

Appliances and Kitchen Necessities

SharedSpace kitchens have all the appliances you need to prepare and enjoy light lunches, snacks, and hors d’oeuvres. This includes a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and dishwasher. There are also hosting essentials such as wine and bottle openers, drink tubs, pitchers, platters, dishes, and cutlery. Shared condiments such as cream and sugar as well as housekeeping items such as napkins, paper towels, and dish soap also make it super convenient and easy to make yourself at home in the space.

Café Style Seating

Bar and cafe style seating gives community members a comfortable, cozy place to sit and stay for a while. Some members even choose to work in the cafes. Nearby electrical outlets make it easy to charge devices. Soft music and tv screens allow for entertainment.

A Clean Space

Last but not least, we offer a kitchen that’s not only full of wonderful amenities and events but continuously cleaned and stocked. Because everyone enjoys spending time in a clean kitchen. While staff monitor and tidy up continuously, members assist by marking and tossing their own food from the fridge and feeling a sense of ownership in the space. Janitorial staff deep clean in the evenings.

It is easy to take the kitchen-as-congregation-space phenomenon for granted, but take it from us, it is invaluable. A kitchen might inspire a new and tentative community member to come out of their shell and engage in bold new ways during a lighthearted chat about their dog while toasting a bagel. Someone might make a creative coding breakthrough while gushing over the new Star Wars trailer. It is a place where people tend to let down their guard and relax. With just a few essential kitchen amenities, it happens fairly organically.

If you’d like to experience it for yourself, come visit one of our two locations. Contact us today to learn more or set up a time to see and work in the space.

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