Technology Is an Invaluable Feature of Coworking Spaces

Solopreneurs, independent consultants, tech startups and anyone else left to their own devices when it comes to technology is relying on their prospective coworking spaces to deliver.

Most potential coworking community members work out of their homes and need technological devices and services that are well beyond their means. On top of that, traveling to their company’s home office or to the local home office services shop is inconvenient and not cost effective. In addition to all the other benefits of the coworking environment, community members need ample and up-to-date technology.

The Most Important Technology Needed for Effective Atlanta Coworking Spaces

Coworking community members already have the essentials, such as a laptop, tablet, flash drives and external hard drives. Your members are counting on their Atlanta coworking space to provide the rest to assist with their daily communication needs and so much more that technology offers.

We have come up with our list of the most important technology that we offer that we believe is the most effective for our community coworkers.

  • Seamless Building Access Control. Companies like Sequr offer software platforms that have revolutionized the concept of building access control. Your coworkers can use their smartphones, wearables or key cards to open the building’s doors, and your in-house team can manage access from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based and secure by design, Sequr allows you to manage keyholders, monitor all activity on the premises and assign mobile keys from any device. Considering the number of people who have access to your building, at all hours, this type of a system is essential for your members’ convenience and your peace of mind.
  • Apple TV, HDMI Cables and a Large and Easily Visible Monitor. Using your Apple TV and HDMI cables, your coworkers can easily plug into vital content that they need to share for an important meeting on your large-screen monitor.
  • Conference Room Booking Services. Conference rooms of all sizes are hot coworking properties, so you want to make sure you have the most efficient and accurate conference room booking service, such as Robin. Services like those that Robin offers help your coworkers find and book the right room for their needs at the right time, avoiding confusion and frustration of manual booking. As an added bonus, Robin features at-door check-ins and clear notifications of who has scheduled the room to avoid any quarrels over inappropriate usage of a given conference room.
  • A Simple Digital Payment System. Payment systems like Square are ideal for coworking accounting systems. A quick and easy swipe along the magstripe reader, and the transaction is as good as complete. By using a special stand, Square instantly becomes a countertop point-of-sale for in-house transactions.
  • Anything Else Digital to Add Convenience. Automation is essential for the modern freelancer or tech startup. Research contract apps and prepare automated membership agreements and renewals, and put time and effort into developing a recipient list and sending out email announcements for anniversaries and other important information.

The Right Technology Pays Off in Coworking Spaces

As long as you continually monitor technology trends and do your best to keep up, your coworkers will be happy. If you need additional ideas—or if you are a coworker looking for an Atlanta coworking space to fulfill your technology needs and more—our SharedSpace team is here to help.

Contact us via telephone, email or chat session to discuss the technology we offer and how you can book a tour to see our offices first-hand.


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