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6 Easy Ways to Give Your Team a Boost

Ah, team-building exercises. Who doesn’t want to get in a room and do trust falls with people they sorta know or spend the day pummeling co-workers with paintballs in a field? The team-building exercise is a highly bemoaned, often dreaded corporate practice that is an easy target for ridicule. The internet is full of hilarious and horrifying accounts of managerial fails when it comes to such things. So how do you avoid becoming a cautionary tale yourself and inspire engagement amongst your team without torturing them? Here are a few ideas and tips to energize your team.

Keep it simple

First things first, don’t over architect your plans. Often, something as simple as an off-site in a fresh space, away from the office, with light brainstorming, conversation, food, and drink are all it takes to refresh your staff and reignite their interest in corporate goals and your mission.

In this article, Julie Laperouse, Director of Training for Emergent Method states, “People are physically incapable of giving their full attention at a retreat if their desk is 10 feet away. By taking the event offsite, you send a message that says, ‘This is important, and we value giving it our full attention.’”

To help with going off-site, consider using a coworking facility like SharedSpace, which provides beautiful, ready-made work environments for teams of all sizes. You won’t need to worry about renting A/V equipment or furniture, or about making coffee or setting up a room.

Coworking facilities are designed for corporate meeting needs. They specialize in environments that feel comfortable and collaborative. Take advantage of their offerings and their staff, who can help you order food, load your presentation, set up and clean up – all while you focus on bonding with your team.

Volunteer Project or Day of Service

What better way to benefit as a company than through service to others. An employee volunteer project is a great way to energize a team by getting them outside of their regular routine while fostering camaraderie and collaboration.

According to corporate volunteerism increases team productivity, boosts interdepartmental cooperation, and reveals skills… just to name a few benefits.

Empower your staff to choose a charitable cause or activity that inspires them and aligns with your corporate mission. Then block off a whole or half weekday for them to work on it.

Ideas for in-house activities might include boxing up supplies for shelters, sending cards and care packages to troops, or wrapping gifts for a toy drive.

While charitable efforts can be conducted off-site, for instance at an event like a road race or gala, keeping activities in-house increases the chances of getting everyone involved. It also enforces the sentiment that the company is fully behind the effort by dedicating a full workday and paid staff to the cause.

Be sure someone shares the fun on social media with lots of inspiring team photos!

Fitness Challenge

Not everyone is sporty but almost everyone has a health or fitness goal they’re harboring somewhere in their overall life plan.

Healthy staff is something every company can benefit from, just check out the statistics cited here on how productivity and revenue are impacted by employee health. So it’s a win-win to offer up a fun competition and incentives that help them with these goals.

To make it fun, try launching a weight loss challenge leading up to swimsuit season or around New Year’s resolution time. Dedicate an internal Slack (chat) channel where employees can inspire (or heckle) one another. Organize a daily walk at lunch. Sponsor perks like gym discounts or have a company drawing for sports gear. Bring in a trainer to speak at lunch.

All of this will build teamwork in an organic way allowing those who want to participate to participate, and those who don’t to look on and cheer.

If your company utilizes a coworking facility for office space, you may find benefits like the free yoga classes offered by SharedSpace can support you with this.

Social Committee

Not every day can be a party at work (booo) but a little bit of fun goes a long way. According to Inc. Magazine, 89% of millennial workers say workplace happiness is what keeps them at a job.

Company-sponsored social outings give staff something to look forward to and a lift out of regular routine. And they don’t have to be elaborate, expensive or frequent.

Consider appointing a small team of people and giving them a budget for two or three events per year that bring people together inside and outside of work. An employee-led committee will keep it real. They can solicit ideas from colleagues and design activities they themselves appreciate and find fun. Events can be anything from casual, off-site happy hours with paid appetizers to sponsored company lunches.

If your company utilizes a coworking facility for office space, take advantage of the free social events they offer. For instance, SharedSpace hosts Thirsty Thursday every Thursday at 2:30 pm. These types of built-in events are a real perk for your employees and make it easy for you to network and socialize amongst your staff.


Ryan Westwood, Forbes writer who covers CEOs and founders of tech unicorns, talks about how the secret to employee engagement isn’t just about the employees. According to Westwood, “If you want a great culture and true employee engagement, provide benefits that positively impact not just your employees but, more importantly, those whom they love.”

He talks about how gifts and thoughtful perks like house cleaning services for busy families, bouquets for employees who’ve just had a baby, and gift baskets for family members of staff who travel extensively go a long way toward capturing employees’ loyalty and engagement.

Don’t Make Fun Mandatory

Last but not least… Perhaps the biggest takeaway we’ve had from reading through comments about team-building exercise fiascoes is the best way to ruin a party or is to make it mandatory.

So listen to your employees when it comes to their interests and their schedules. Think about what you yourself would enjoy doing and offer up opportunities that are optional when outside of business hours.

From time to time, give staff the chance to bring family members to events. And if you see something working or not working, retool as needed.

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