Since we opened our doors for the very first time, people have asked us why we established Atlanta coworking spaces. Those individuals that do not work in the tech industry or haven’t been a freelancer may not recognize the need for this type of setup.

While we see the benefits that coworking provides every day, those who haven’t experienced this type of work arrangement firsthand haven’t had the chance to become familiar with the advantages that coworking provides. Seeing people enjoy the many benefits that coworking provides for individuals across industries is exactly why we do what we do.

When we founded SharedSpace, our mission was to create coworking space that was based on the five core values of coworking. These values include the following:

  • Community
  • Openness
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Accessibility

We’ve succeeded with incorporating those foundational values at both of our Atlanta coworking spaces and we look forward to doing the same at additional coworking locations as we continue to grow in the future. Now, our mission is to ensure our valued members get the most out of their coworking experience.

At both of our Atlanta coworking locations, close-knit communities have evolved. These communities thrive because they give our members the chance to interact, collaborate and support one another. We do our part to foster lasting relationships between our members by hosting events like educational seminars, presentations and social activities. By creating opportunities for our members to do things together, we enhance the closeness of their relationships.

Our communities are open and they welcome new members readily. That’s because our active communities already include a wide array of members with an even wider range of backgrounds and interests. From established businesses to start-ups, freelancers, contractors, authors, artists and more, our community members represent just about every industry and interest imaginable.

Because our communities are so diverse, our members always have a chance to learn something and participate in a project they might not have been able to in a traditional work environment. Collaborating happens naturally at our Atlanta coworking spaces. With people working in close proximity to one another, our members are able to share their input and feedback when they overhear someone else discussing a project or assignment, which often improves the final product.

That fact that so many people make the independent decision to work at our locations every day is a testament that we’re doing something (or a lot of things) right. It also demonstrates that our communities provide value in the form of significant benefits that are meaningful to our members.

We ensure our Atlanta coworking spaces are accessible to everyone who wants to join an active community in which collaboration, cooperation and a communal outlook reign supreme. And we’re proud that so many talented professionals turn to us for functional workspace that’s ideally suited for people working in many different industries.

If you want to see why we do what we do, you should visit one of our locations and see our Atlanta coworking community in action. Once you do, you’ll fully understand why we created SharedSpace and why we do what we do every day.


Michael Everts

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