Coworking community members come to your shared space for a variety of reasons, which include spurring creativity and productivity, networking with fellow professionals, and hosting guests and clients in a professional setting.

Some of the things your tenants may not even realize they need when they consider joining an Atlanta coworking space include indispensable supplies and services. Your tenants might have spent full days at home kicking themselves for forgetting to buy coffee filters and pain reliever during their last grocery trip, so your keeping a steady supply of everyday essentials is likely to garner heaps of appreciation.

Provide Services & Supplies to Make Your Coworking Space Stand Out

You may feel like your job is never done as an owner or office manager of a bustling coworking space. In a way, it isn’t. But isn’t it gratifying to constantly find new ways to make your coworking space stand out to your current and future tenants?

At SharedSpace, we have found that you don’t necessarily need high-ticket items like expensive arcade games or lavish decorations. Perhaps more important than big bells and whistles, our shared space tenants love it when we simply and sincerely work to make their daily work life easier.

Here are a few of the services & supplies that our tenants seem to love:

  • Office Supplies. Yes, simple office supplies like an ample stock of paper, staplers, envelopes, stamps, highlighters, paper clips, post-its and pens. Even the most digitally focused tenants occasionally need these real-world items. Actually, those who use their laptops almost exclusively tend to need these supplies the most, yet don’t have them on hand. Keep these items in stock, and you can’t go wrong.
  • Water, Coffee and Snacks. Your busy tenants may not have time to stop at the local coffee shop for their favorite brew, or they might have left their packed lunch on the kitchen table. Provide coffee, filter water, snacks from a Micromart vending machine, and some occasional donuts or bagels, and you might just save a valued tenant from going into a critical meeting with a rumbling stomach. Install a refrigerator and a microwave for maximum snacking success.
  • Reception and Guest Check-In. A warm and welcoming receptionist and guest check-in service can set an upbeat and relaxed tone for potentially nerve-wracking meetings for your tenants. Despite the ever-increasing reliance on automated telephone services, we feel that nothing can replace a smiling professional at your business’ entrance and a friendly voice when answering telephone calls.
  • Notary Services. A notary public can save the day when one of your coworking community members needs a public official to notarize a crucial engagement or agreement with their dream client. The notary public can administer matters regarding various business matters, estate planning, deeds and more.
  • Business Mail Services. Your coworking space’s professional address is likely to have more cachet than a more residential mailing address for your coworking tenants.

Improve Your Coworking Tenants’ Workdays with Even More Supplies & Services

At SharedSpace, we continually monitor our tenants’ daily needs. Also, we just ask what we can do to make their days easier, and they love it. Contact us to discuss additional ways you can help your coworking community relax and get down to business. We can talk, or set up a time for you to tour our shared space to see our approach in action.


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