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Anything that gets in the way of an employee’s ability to produce a quality product or provide a reliable service should concern an employer. While that’s the case, you simply can’t control everything when it comes to managing your employees’ ability to get their work done. You can’t stop a worker from calling off when their child is sick, for instance. You also can’t stop the NCAA tournament from distracting many employees during March and the start of April. In fact, you may be distracted by the draw of March Madness yourself!

While you can’t control everything, you can control the environment your staff works in. More accurately, you can implement certain things to make your work environment more commensurate with a high level of employee productivity. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you can do to create a positive work environment and how they’ll influence your employees’ productivity.

Respectful Relationships

In general, employees who are happy and share respectful relationships with their coworkers and supervisors are more productive. A recent survey shows that an employee’s productivity is heavily impacted by the nature of the relationship the person has with his or her boss. Barry Brown, the president of a consulting group located in Florida, believes that a bad boss is the leading factor responsible for low employee productivity.

To increase your employees’ overall productivity, you should make sure you have the right kind of managers in place, meaning your company’s supervisors should have the skills necessary to motivate, encourage, and reward your staff. You should also consider replacing negative people whose bad attitude has a negative effect on the outlook and/or productivity of others with people who are friendly, eager to work, and genuinely personable. With the right leadership and employees, respectful relationships will form naturally and productivity will likely increase across the board.

Natural Lighting

While it’s not a good idea to spend long stretches of time in the sun without sunscreen, it is advisable to incorporate natural light into your workplace whenever possible. When employees aren’t exposed to enough natural light, their vitamin D levels drop, which can make them feel depressed and weaken their immune systems. These effects can make it difficult to maintain a high level of productivity even for brief periods of time.

If your office space doesn’t have a lot of windows or other buildings or trees block the sun from illuminating your workplace, consider installing SAD lamps to compensate for the lack of natural light. This will help your employees to feel calmer and more positive. It will also ignite their creativity.


Certain kinds of music have the ability to stimulate both the right and left sides of your brain. Because it activates multiple parts of your brain, music can increase employee productivity in certain environments. Studies have shown that music can increase the speed and accuracy with which surgeons complete their tasks, for example.

Research conducted by MusicWorks revealed that 65 percent of the owners of small and medium sized businesses said their employees are more productive when they play music at their workplaces. Of these business owners, 40 percent feel that playing music can lead to more sales and better business results overall.

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