A recent article by the Orlando Business Journal claims that modern office spaces are making employees happier and more engaging at work. So, how exactly are these modern office trends helping to make professionals happier? Let’s take a look at four reasons why the modern workplace is increasing employee productivity, happiness and overall productivity.

More Freedom

Employees feel much happier when they are working with plenty of natural light, in collaborate spaces and private conference rooms and have the feeling that they are not restricted to their desks. If they are free to move about and work from different areas in the office, they can increase communication and collaboration, ultimately increasing satisfaction and productivity. If professionals feel chained to their desks it will put them in a more isolated environment.

More Movement

During an eight-hour workday, it’s been proven that the healthiest amount of time sitting should be less than 2 hours. Movement in the workplace is vital to both morale and health and helps professionals focus. Employees can be more engaged and alert after taking a walk or conversing with a colleague. Many offices have implemented standing desks to keep employees on their feet during the workday, which increases blood flow and helps improve moods.

Healthier Food & Working Options

When health and wellbeing are at the forefront of an office’s design, happiness, productivity and health will increase. Many offices are offering nutrient-rich snacks and menu items and encouraging walk and talk type meetings. Another big step in providing a happier work environment is offering standing desks like mentioned above. Having the option to stand while working is a game changer for promoting healthier employees, after all healthier is always happier.

Flexible Layouts

Today’s workforce is no longer static and more and more professionals are working remotely. One of the best ways to incorporate a flexible layout is to have areas that are not static. Workspaces that can convert to standing desks, movable walls and relaxing areas that can serve as meeting rooms and lounges are all tools to help offer professionals flexibility in the workspace. Employees can grow tired of having the same scenery day in and day out and can look forward to having new views within the office, increasing their happiness and productivity because they have different environments they can choose to work in.

It’s no surprise that the way people work is changing on a daily basis as millennials enter the workforce and older generations retire. Companies are continuing to find new ways to offer employees flexibility, healthier options and greater freedom to work how they want to. Professionals will be happy working in an environment that caters to their wants and needs and allows them to exercise their creative freedoms during the work day.

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