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Leave the House Behind to Find a Coworking Space That Feels Like Home Makes Perfect Sense

You may encounter a confused head tilt or two as you talk to friends and family about your need to get out of the house each day in a convenient and comfortable coworking space in Atlanta that feels like home. You may even find yourself questioning the idea, but you know that it is time to celebrate the growth of your business with a work space of your own.

Every freelancer, independent contractor, solopreneur, and small business owner must, at some point, leave the nest to work in a professional atmosphere with peers and a collection of resources. Whether you need printing services, the occasional use of a conference room, or a communal breakroom where you can simply step away from a complex work issue, the right coworking facility can. And you can find all of this in a place that feels like home.

The Best Coworking Firms Design Their Facility for Balance Between Professionalism and Homey Comfort

Coworking firms understand that independent workers—in spite of the ability to work anywhere at any time—are looking for a space that offers a working environment that is more professional than home and less permanent than is needed with an office lease. But most importantly, the designers of these firms understand that you want something where you can get comfortable and do your best work.

Following are just a few features coworking designers keep in mind when creating a homey space for you to achieve your goals:

  • Let the Sun Shine In. Psychology Today notes that workers exposed to natural light experience an improved workplace performance and greater productivity. Search for a shared working space that has plenty of big windows. You will feel like you get bonus points if you have a view that looks over green space.
  • Keep the Ideas Churning in a Space with Bright Colors. You probably enjoy having a variety of wall colors—and overall color schemes—at home, so why wouldn’t you want the same at your coworking space? Blue tends to boost creativity, so search for a coworking facility filled with upbeat blue hues.
  • Find the Right Spot to Work for the Mood You Are In. Some days you may need a nook in the corner while other days you may want to sit at a multi-party work desk to idly chat while you work. Many coworking Atlanta centers offer these options and more, including lounge areas filled with comfortable couches and chairs where you can take a break to surf the internet, play a game, or make a personal call. If you feel the urge to work in the kitchen—it happens sometimes—take your report or your laptop and set up camp. A coworking space that sets out to support your work habits will encourage you to work your way.

Visit SharedSpace to Find the Pinnacle of Shared Workplace Comfort

At SharedSpace in Atlanta, we want to help you feel right at home any time you are here to work. We have gathered a group of talented and driven workers who, like you, work to the beat of their own drummer. We understand that you need basic professional accommodations like a printing center and conference rooms, but perhaps more importantly, you need a place where you can relax and tap into the ideas that will help you build your business.

Call us schedule a tour of our space—or even better—book your free day to sit in and experience our comfortable environment and meet your fellow coworkers.


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