The best place to host a networking event, corporate seminar, training or meeting is at a coworking space

The modern coworking space is the ideal venue for hosting professional events. With a calendar of pre-planned community happenings that range from social to educational, members and guests are never without an interesting seminar, mixer, or training to attend. And they’re never without a fantastic location in which to hold an event of their own.

Benefits of Coworking Facilities

Coworking or shared office communities not only provide remote workers and small businesses with ready-to-go workspace solutions, but they also offer a built-in community and connection to other startups and entrepreneurs. Human contact, work friends, and camaraderie are what really draw people to join coworking communities, more so even than the compelling cost savings of outsourced amenities such as furniture, kitchen, IT, reception and more. This built-in community is the perfect base from which to draw an audience and build participation in an event. 

Combine that with the amenities and well-equipped meeting spaces a coworking facility is designed to provide and you have everything you could need for a successful gathering.

An event in a coworking community or shared office benefits you and everyone involved in the following ways:

  • The host has access to a network of community members likely to attend their event since they are based right onsite
  • The host receives extensive support with technology, catering, promotional and other services from coworking site staff 
  • The coworking facility gains exposure from outside attendees and potential customers seeing their space
  • Coworking site members meet new contacts from outside the community and make connections they might not have otherwise made
  • Event attendees enjoy spaces and amenities designed specifically for professional meetings and events 
  • The professionalism of the coworking atmosphere reflects well on everyone’s business and involvement 

Young business professionals networking at a coworking facility

6 Professional Events to Host in Coworking Spaces

Here at SharedSpace, we love hosting professional and social gatherings in our space. We offer them year-round in order to build community and encourage connections amongst our members. 

We also encourage people to rent our spaces for their own events, and to invite community members to attend. 

Our rooms are specially designed and equipped to make it turnkey for you to host all types of professional seminars and soirees. The following are the 6 most common and best-suited types of meetings for a coworking facility like ours.

  1. Trainings and Seminars

Trainings and seminars are the bread and butter of the coworking facility. Companies like SharedSpace specialize in meeting spaces and amenities for groups of anywhere from 4 to 100 people. Spaces range from small bookable conference rooms to large event spaces as well as collaborative open areas. 

At SharedSpace, furniture and A/V are always supplied free of charge and staff are available to help in setting them up. Folding tables and chairs can be arranged in training desk formation or tables stowed for stadium-style seating. 

Wall-mounted screens and whiteboards are available in all of our meeting rooms so that an instructor, presenter or panel of guest speakers can stand or sit at the front of the space and lead the group. Podiums, laser pointers, and microphones are also available.

Since we offer multiple spaces for a variety of event needs, you have the ability to book one large event space as well as breakout rooms for smaller group sessions concurrently.

Business people enjoying cocktails.

  1. Networking Events and Cocktail Mixers

The easiest way to attract people to your event is through their stomachs. Therefore, a Happy Hour or post-work gathering with food and drink will always be a winner in terms of bringing people together to mix and mingle for business purposes. 

At SharedSpace, hosting an evening networking event with cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres could not be easier or more enjoyable. We have large and small kitchen cafes stocked with serving essentials like platters, pitchers, and dishes. We have a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, ice machine, and even a kegerator at each site. 

High top tables and bar areas make it comfortable to mingle while having a place to set down a plate or drink. Our Sonos system can be used to play music throughout your event and screens can be used for presentations or for scrolling information such as ads and logos.

  1. User Group Meetings and Demonstration Days

Since User Group meetings and Demo Days are specific to high tech startups, they tend to have more demanding technology needs. SharedSpace is accustomed to this format and well-prepared to make them successful. 

Our facilities are specifically equipped with high speed, extremely reliable internet that can accommodate large groups with high bandwidth requirements including live streaming of an event. We offer training desk style set ups with ample power outlets, surge protectors and power strips. 

We also offer free, strong, locally sourced coffee that techies love.

  1. Sales Kick-Offs

Since we’ve talked about techies, it’s only fair we now address the needs of the sales and marketing organization. It’s not uncommon that this side of your company will need a fun offsite location to build excitement around the launch of a new product or the kick-off of a new year’s sales goals.

SharedSpace has the unique advantage of offering professional meeting spaces that have adjoining cafes. That means you can close the doors and hunker down to talk product features and revenue goals, then open up the doors and enjoy food and cocktails afterward – all right at the same location.

Business people raising their hands at a business seminar

  1. Professional Groups, Clubs, and Association Meetings

Professional associations of all types use SharedSpace for regular meetings. It’s common to see Chamber of Commerce, local business associations, real estate groups, freelancer groups, women’s groups, and industry/member-specific organizations of all kinds utilizing the space. 

Breakfast meetings are a popular format for these types of events as it’s easier for busy professionals to stop in for a bagel and coffee before work than to make time during the day.

SharedSpace’s two Greater Atlanta facilities are conveniently located in the Perimeter and Battery Park areas right off of major interstates I-285 and I-75, making it super easy for most to swing by before or after work, or even during lunchtime.

  1. Off-Site Meetings and Retreats

Even large companies with ample space find that they occasionally need an off-site location for a special meeting, corporate retreat, or team-building activity

Perhaps you want to bring your team offsite to inspire more creativity and get them out of their usual mindset. Or maybe you just require more privacy for a strategic planning session, a board meeting, or an investor meeting. 

SharedSpace is a great resource used by many large companies in the area for purposes such as these, as well as for overflow conference room space when their facility is fully booked.

If any of these situations, events, or needs sound familiar, we encourage you to contact us. We can talk through your specific requirements and recommend the space and set up that’s best for you.

In fact, if you need more ideas on anything related to coworking spaces, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help and to host your next event here at SharedSpace.

Coworking at SharedSpace

SharedSpace is a regional coworking business offering modern, professional environments for entrepreneurial businesses and their teams. An ideal solution for anyone seeking a more inspiring and connected work environment, SharedSpace has everything your business needs to hit the ground running. From private offices to open coworking memberships, meetings and event spaces, our flexible lease terms can help with any short or long-term needs. Contact our community manager today for more information or to schedule a tour.



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