Coworking Branding Strategies Are Not Set in Stone

Your brand serves as a promise to your coworking members, as well as prospect coworking professionals, telling them what they can expect from their time in your shared working space. Your  full coworking branding package includes your shared space’s name, logo, marketing materials, and digital identity all combine to tell your—and your community’s—story,

While it is important to establish a solid branding strategy that reflects the goals and objectives of your unique Atlanta coworking space, you do occasionally need to revisit your concept. There are two key reasons to occasionally ask your marketing team to take the temperature on your branding strategy:

  1. Is Our Brand Coherent and Effective? Are you reaching your target audience, and do they understand that your branding is directly aimed at them and their solopreneur or startup needs?
  2.  Has Our Branding Strategy Changed? Maybe you have made adjustments to your branding strategy since your coworking firm launched. If so, you can make small—or large, if necessary—tweaks to make sure your prospective coworking tenants can find you and know what to expect from their time at your space.

Keep Consistent and Coherent Branding for Your Coworking Space

Your brand is on display at all times, and you will repeatedly communicate it in various ways, notes The Balance. It is the most important tool in your kit when it comes to attracting your coworking community that will help foster the environment you have worked so hard to develop. Your branding strategy continually feeds into itself, helping to reinforce the community while the community also reinforces your brand.

Explore a Few Innovative Ways to Keep Your Brand Effective and Up-to-Date for Your Shared Workspace

The best ways to keep your brand on-point is to keep it alive and in the spotlight. The more people interact with and respond to your brand, the more you can determine its effectiveness. Here at SharedSpace, we love digging around to mine new ways to test our own brand. We thought we would share a few of our recent favorite marketing ideas to see if they might help you bolster your coworking company’s brand:

  • Create Partnerships with Nearby Coffee Shops. Sure, you probably offer unlimited in-house coffee, but you may not offer a cornucopia of lattes, cappuccinos, and cocoas in every scrumptious flavor available. Reach out to a local coffee shop to negotiate some tasty mutual benefits for your coworking community. The coffee shop will appreciate the extra business, and with some added exposure of your strategically located and high-impact logo at the café, you may just attract a few of their “cyber-campers,” which benefits everyone.
  • Keep it Live. Between the various social network platforms, you can reach your prospective clients in an instant. Promote free live twitter chats on subjects that appeal to small business owners, freelancers, and telecommuters. It is a subtle and functional way to promote your brand. You might even consider livestreaming via Facebook or Periscope to give your session attendees a peek into your upbeat coworking space.
  • Promote Your Community Members. A good testimonial from a shared space worker who genuinely loves their experience with your coworking community might just shake someone off the fence and right into your shared space. Ask your community member to talk about why they came to your coworking venue and what they have gotten out of the experience. You might even ask for group interviews to showcase your thriving community atmosphere.


Keeping Your Branding Fresh and Relevant Keeps Your Community Hopping

While the idea of working at home is exciting for independent workers at first, most people eventually want to become part of a like-minded enclave that coworking communities offer. The most important thing that we have found at SharedSpace is to listen to the needs of local independent professionals and tailor our approach to those needs.


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