Working from home sounds like a slice of heaven – you can avoid long commutes, work in your sweatpants and enjoy accomplishing tasks from your very own couch. Even though working from home sounds like an ideal working situation, there are reasons why coworking is a great option to utilize if you are a remote worker.

Here are few reasons why you should implement coworking into your work from home schedule.

#1. Establishes Structure

Working from home presents a multitude of distractions, often making it difficult to work effectively when you are in close proximity to your pets, your bed, your TV and so much more. Coworking allows you to separate your work from your home life to implement structure and it provides you a productive reason to get out of the house. Being able to segregate your work life from your personal life helps you become more effective in both parts of your life and allows you to focus on each more closely.

#2. Presents Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces offer the opportunity for you to network with other professionals. You are no longer isolated in your home, but in close proximity to other professionals who you can bounce ideas off of and collaborate with. This can also help you adapt to working with all kinds of people and can help you make new connections that could benefit your business now or in the future. You never know who you may meet!

#3. Timing

Those who work from home full-time are often freelancers who can work at all hours. One of the benefits of coworking spaces are the hours as many are open around the clock. If you have an assignment due and you have a million distractions at home, you can head to the coworking space at any time to get your work done. This is a great outlet for professionals to get work done when working at home just isn’t an option. With SharedSpace, members have 24/7 access to the coworking space so that work can be done at any time.

#4. Helps Combat the Feeling of Isolation

Even if you aren’t someone who is big on networking, just being around other people while working can have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing. Interactions within the work environment are a vital part of a healthy daily life. Just because you are working on your own assignments and projects, doesn’t mean you have to be isolated at home. You may enjoy being around like-minded people who have a similar work life to yours. Being around other people will help you feel social and energized.

Coworking has become a booming concept and has helped transform the way people work. As a remote worker, you will find that coworking space can offer you plenty of benefits such as those listed in this blog.

SharedSpace offers collaborative office space for all workers. We’ve built a space to help companies reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more and take a quick look at our membership options.


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