Coworking has now become a new normal in the office setting, and it is attracting every type of worker from freelancers to entrepreneurs and corporations. What started as a trend over a decade ago, it is now revolutionizing the way people work. Here are ways building owners and brokers can utilize coworking to make more deals.

Today, employees want an experience in the office to maintain a healthy balance of work and personal life. This demand is why mixed-use buildings are becoming increasingly popular and why concepts like co-living are bringing in investors from all over the world.

Landlords and property managers see the added value that coworking spaces can give their property. Coworking space is focusing on the hospitality aspect of their services. To be successful in the 21st-century office leasing business, operators need to offer unique offerings and amenities to attract and retain tenants.

Tenants are willing to pay more to have a better experience which can mean anything from coworking spaces to high-quality connectivity and access to unique events. While coworking operators are the ones who call the shots, property owners have realized how they can benefit from this growing trend and creating a community feel throughout their project.

Unique Benefits of Coworking in Your Project

If a coworking member outgrows the coworking space and they have had a great experience with the building, there is an increased opportunity that the tenant will look for a space within the building as opposed to leaving. Additionally, if a tenant has access to the coworking environment, it can be used as a marketing feature of the overall project potentially separating you from competitors.

Implementing coworking spaces can also help landlords and property owners stay updated on the latest trends in workplace design, management, and technology. Landlords have also found that coworking operators can be great partners in both managing and creating a community environment throughout the property.

Investment brokers at major brokers companies, such as JLL, CBRE and Colliers have stated that coworking, if handled correctly, can add 3-5% of value to a landlord’s project.  

Coworking monetarily increases the value of a building and property, the tenant’s perception and increases the number commercial real estate investors. While partnering with an existing coworking company can be beneficial, some landlords are even going so far as to operate their own brand of coworking within their buildings.

Major brokerage firm JLL predicts that by 2030, up to 30 percent of all office space will be in some form, flexible or have an open layout design. The report also cited a wide variety of factors for switching to the coworking office space approach such as financial incentives to a need for increased innovation and collaboration further proving that building owners and brokers can utilize coworking to seal more deals.

Sharedspace , is a regional coworking business focused on creating modern, professional, and energetic work environments to stimulate the creativity and productivity of entrepreneurial businesses. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your business is looking for creative opportunities to reinvigorate your workforce and brand with a modern coworking environment like SharedSpace.


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