Group of young business people participating in team building exercises.

There are many parts of a company that keeps the gears turning smoothly, but what’s the most important? The team, of course! A group that is in-synch and work harmoniously alongside each other is better prepared to take on tougher challenges, think outside the box, and work harder than a team that doesn’t. One of the best things a leader can do is facilitate team events that people in their company are excited about. A good team activity is one that allows team members to show off aspects of their personality that they generally aren’t able to express during the workday. Here are a few unique team building ideas that we hope will be fun, exciting, and challenging for everyone on your team!

Game Night

Games are notorious for bringing out the sides of people you normally don’t see at work. If your team is the competitive type, it might be time to consider hosting a game night! Games such as Cards Against Humanity can really create some gut-wrenching laughs, which is proven to increase positivity and strengthen relationships. Teams that have fun together, put simply, work better together. Grab your coworkers and plan to go to Trivia Night at a nearby bar, or just head to a colleagues house for an hour (or three) of Monopoly! 

Outdoor Retreats

Being outdoors is one of the greatest stress-relievers there is, which is why an outdoor team retreat is next on our list. In fact, studies have shown that spending time in nature not only reduces stress but also improves creativity and increases problem-solving skills. 

Ziplining, roasting s’mores around a campfire, or a kayaking excursion are great activities for an adventurous group! So if your team is stuck on a problem, a potential solution might be to get out of the office and into nature to get some fresh air and fresh ideas! 

Improv Classes

Comedy classes are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of business training. Improv classes, especially, are good for getting employees to think on their toes and communicate more effectively. 

As Ed Herbstman, cofounder of the Magnet Theater puts it, “What we do is say, ‘Let’s follow that idea for a moment. Let’s ‘yes, and’ just for a moment, to see where it goes.’” The goal of improv is to not overthink things (something we all do at work) and break habits which can damper our ability to think outside the box.  Plus, getting comfortable with being on stage in front of people and presenting your ideas can be a huge advantage in the workplace. 

Dinner and Drinks

While doing a crazy new team activity is always a ton of fun, sometimes the best way to get to know your coworkers is the tried and true method. Chatting with your colleagues (and even superiors) after a long day at work over drinks and apps can be deeply rewarding on a personal and professional level. Teams are made up of people who all have their own thoughts, fears, and ideas. While work hopefully stimulates your team members in some way, getting outside of that workday headspace can help everyone open up and become better employees and coworkers.

With these unique team . building ideas, your team can better understand each other’s likes and dislikes, workstyles, and what makes their colleagues tick. Who knows, the event space at one of our SharedSpace locations could be a perfect fit for your next game night or offsite team meeting!

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