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For most people, the choice between a coworking community and traditional office space is a no-brainer. What traditional office space offers in terms of square footage, shared office spaces far exceeds in top-notch coworking amenities and services.

Must-Have Coworking Amenities

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for an alternative to your work from home routine or an established company looking for a more inspiring environment for a team, coworking spaces are the hottest trend in office space today. If you’re considering going this route, here are the features you should look for when choosing the right one for your business.


Number one on our list of essential coworking amenities is great java. It sounds simple but it’s the staple of any workplace – for employees as well as clients and guests. 

Here at SharedSpace, we pride ourselves on supporting local small businesses like Bellwood. As such, we offer free coffee that is locally roasted and fresh-brewed daily. We also offer a selection of tea, cocoa, and water. 


Today, many workers, especially freelancers and remote workers, have the freedom to choose their own hours (which is great for early birds and night owls). A huge benefit of coworking is the ability to choose how and when you work, both of which have shown lead to better performance and productivity

At SharedSpace, all members have access to their home base location 24/7. Using a safe, reliable security system that connects to an app on their phone, members can access the building at any time they wish.

Natural Light

Another factor not to be overlooked is the lighting. Studies have shown that lighting has a significant impact on productivity. According to this study workers in windowed offices spend 15% more time on task than those without. 

SharedSpace boasts one of the brightest coworking environments in the industry. All of our facilities have an abundance of natural light. Even interior offices have been designed with glass panels to let in natural light from windows along the perimeter of the space.


We all know, vibe is key. That’s why people have meetings at trendy coffee shops and cafes. The music, the community, the decor… it improves our mood, elevates creativity and makes work enjoyable. And happy people work better.

When choosing a coworking space, don’t skimp on the atmosphere. Look for a space that makes you happy, connects you to other humans, stimulates interactions, and reflects well on your business in terms of appearance. 

SharedSpace facilities are fresh and new with updated decor, beautiful soft seating options, and pleasing aesthetics. Natural lighting, great tunes, and community events like weekly happy hour and Waffle Wednesday create the vibrant, connected environment you’ll want in a coworking space. From dedicated desks to private offices, SharedSpace provides a high-end yet comfortable atmosphere you’ll appreciate.

Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces

Easy access to supplemental space for meetings and events is another essential coworking amenity. Look for a coworking site that has its own large event space and you won’t have to go offsite to host training, user group meetings, lectures, company parties, and special events. 

SharedSpace event spaces offer all of the modern AV needs required for large functions such as wall-mounted screens, microphones, podiums, and event furniture.  In addition, we have adjoining kitchen and bar areas which make it super convenient to break for lunch or host a cocktail hour. 

SharedSpace also has an abundance of smaller conference rooms perfect for more intimate meetings. With access to these types of meeting spaces, you can easily connect your laptop up to a screen for an important client presentation or host a video conference when important business calls.

About SharedSpace & Our Coworking Amenities

SharedSpace is a regional coworking business offering modern, professional environments for entrepreneurial businesses and their teams. An ideal solution for anyone seeking a more inspiring and connected work environment, SharedSpace has everything your business needs to hit the ground running. From private offices to open coworking memberships, our flexible lease terms can help with any short or long-term needs. Contact our community manager today for more information or to schedule a tour.

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