Solopreneurs, freelancers, growing tech startups, and anyone else who has the freedom to work on their own has more than a few choices these days. With the rapid rise in popularity of coworking spaces to accommodate these independent workers, it is more important than ever that you create a professional oasis for your area’s coworking members.

Offer Your Coworking Community Essential Amenities to Make Their Work Day Easier

Our SharedSpace team continually monitors the needs of our Atlanta coworking members. We find that two of the many important features that our coworking tenants enjoy include the ability to engage with fellow community members and the easy access to a wealth of essential amenities that drive their productivity.

If you are concerned that your coworking members feel that they might be missing out on key services, conveniences, and comforts, take a look at 8 essential amenities coworkers seem to love:

  1. Printing and Copying Services. No matter how prevalent laptops, smartphones, and tablets become to save and share documents, your professionals still need to print, copy and occasionally fax materials. Offering the use of your in-house printing, copying and faxing service prevents your community members from having to take extra steps to find a nearby service. Besides, some of the best professional collaborations happen at the copier.
  2. Free and Convenient Parking. Depending on real estate availability near your coworking facility, providing free and convenient parking will save your coworkers time, energy and frustration, making it easier to get to their workspace and become productive.
  3. 24/7 Building Access. You may have a night owl or two in your midst, so providing 24/7 building access is ideal for these nocturnal workers. Look into installing a security software program like Sequr to manage your building access. Your coworkers can simply use their smartphone to gain secure entry to keep them and your coworking facility safe.
  4. Fully-Equipped Bookable Conference Rooms. Small businesses, tech startups, and even freelancers on occasion sometimes need to host a group of clients or colleagues. Provide several conference rooms of varying sizes that feature Apple TV, HDMI cables, a whiteboard wall, a traditional projector, and a viewing screen. Provide online booking through a member portal so they can review the best space and time slots for their needs, on their on timeline.
  5. Phone Booths. Everyone needs to make a phone call. Some professionals need to make several phone calls each day. Sometimes the caller needs a private space, and it is definitely nice to help minimize ambient noise when possible, so phone booths offer the perfect solution, all around.
  6. Shared Kitchen and Lounge Areas. Your coworkers will need to fuel their bodies and minds to stay productive. Snack and lunch times are also ideal for facilitating relaxed chat and new connections. Offer a relaxing space where people can eat, work and chat in comfort. Also, add free coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as a Micro Mart, and your coworking tenants may not have to leave during the day, allowing them to finish a hot project with ease.
  7. Options for Wired Internet and Phone Lines. Some of your coworkers—particularly small business owners—may need a more hard-wired set-up as their business builds. Providing wired internet and phones can help them make the transition from coworking community member to commercial lessee when they are ready.
  8. Furnished Offices with Comfortable Furniture. Your coworking members who rent private offices probably plan to spend long days at your facility, so furnish these spaces with attractive and comfortable furniture.

We Can Help You Keep Your Coworking Members Happy

Our team has plenty of other ideas about how to keep your coworking members happy and on board at your facility. If you need additional ideas or would like to visit us to see some of our own essential amenities, we would love to hear from you or see you. Contact us at SharedSpace to ask questions or set up a tour.


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