Designing Better Coworking Spaces to Attract Independent Workers

After you sign the lease for your new coworking space, you may look around your vast and currently empty playground and wonder what type of space you want to create that will ignite creativity and collaboration without sacrificing individual independence. It may sound like a tall order, but have no fear. This is the point where you can let your imagination roam freely. Add in a little design guidance, and you can create the ideal coworking environment that offers something for every type of solo and team worker who strolls through your front door.

Build a Coworking Space That Belongs to Everyone You Intend to Engage

Coworking professionals—everyone from freelancers and independent contractors to solopreneurs and part-time telecommuters—need space. These hard workers may need to escape a busy home life for a few hours each day, or your tenants may need to spend some time among fellow independent workers for a professional contact buzz. Regardless of their situation, you need to design something that belongs to everyone and benefits everyone.


Learn the Basics in Coworking Design

One of the key strategies in designing better coworking spaces that ensure continuous occupancy is to start the design process with simplicity and flexibility in mind. Explore a few additional core elements that you need to consider as you launch your coworking design project:

  • Foster Collaboration and Relaxation with Open Spaces. Before you begin, remember you do not have to fill every square foot of your coworking space. It is important to leave a common area, or two if possible, for discussing projects and ideas or taking breaks to unwind. Informal meetings occur here
  • Provide Work Desks. Of course this is a core part of your office, but you can get creative in the configuration you choose, including putting desks in a semi-circle for additional camaraderie. These pro desks are often an extension of the collaborative open space area.
  • Dedicated Desks Help Workers Who Need a Quieter Working Environment. These workers may not want to invest in a private office, but they need some time during the day where they shift away from the more robust and interactive open spaces.
  • Offer Private Offices. Perfect for small business owners who plan to host guests frequently and need to close the door for confidentiality, including one or two private offices is essential.

Additional features effective and successful coworking companies offer include a conference room stocked with audio-visual technologies, a kitchen and lunchroom, and a business center for printing and faxing.


Get to Know Your Market

Whether you want to target workers from all industries, or your first-tier goal is to draw gamers or freelance writers, your prospective coworkers can help inform your design choices. If you anticipate engaging a large volume of freelance writers and graphic or gaming designers, you want to incorporate plenty of desk space and comfortable chairs that accommodate a laptop. For fresh small business owners, you will need to make sure you feature at least one fully stocked conference room and a business center. You can certainly offer a dash of everything, as far as design, so you never have to lose a coworker. However, it may help you to steer your design toward independent workers to whom you plan to target your marketing efforts, as well Atlanta coworkers you anticipate reaching out to you due to their own research.

Let Possibility Be Your Guide When Designing Better Coworking Spaces

At SharedSpace, we focus on possibility and creativity in our design concept. We want our coworkers to settle in, relax, and get to work in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Contact us to book a tour to see how effective our design has turned out for our band of independent Atlanta area coworkers.


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