There is a strange yet well-known phenomenon surrounding kitchens. People congregate in kitchens. They just do. In this room that is often the smallest space in a home or workplace, people tend to gather for snacks and beverages, which makes sense, but they stay to talk. And talk and talk.

You never know if your own coworking kitchen might inspire a new and tentative community member to come out of their shell and engage in bold new ways during a lighthearted chat about their dog while toasting a bagel. Someone might make a creative coding breakthrough while gushing over the new Star Wars trailer. It is a place where people tend to let down their guard and relax.

How to Make Your Coworking Community Feel at Home in Your Atlanta Coworking Space

While the chances are strong that your coworking kitchen will organically become the communal epicenter at your Atlanta coworking space—because kitchens—you can give your kitchen a boost or two to increase the chances.

We love our kitchen breakroom at SharedSpace, and our team members often enter the room to find at least one or two lively conversations going on. We constantly try to find new ways to make people feel at home so they spend more time in the kitchen, relaxing, getting to know each other, and coming up with fresh new ideas for their business. We thought we would share a few of our favorite ideas to make your coworking kitchen as cozy as possible for your community:

  • Provide Snacks. Yes, this one is pretty obvious, but people love easy access to delicious snacks. We find that free tea, coffee, beer, and hot chocolate are a great start.
  • Install Appliances. Make sure you have a microwave and a refrigerator, at least. Remember that some of your community members are still working on a tight budget to get their new business off the ground. Your consideration allows your valued community members to save some money, which helps them relax and engage that much more.
  • Offer Café Style Seating. Basically, create a space where community members will want to sit down and stay a while. Put in a few two-top and four-top tables with nearby electrical outlets, as well as a bar and stools that allow for working while snacking and talking. You might even add a sofa and a few comfortable chairs.
  • Keep a Clean Space. Post a written request—or rules, if eventually necessary—in an easy-to-spot location asking that everyone keep the kitchen clean after using it. Everyone enjoys spending time in a clean kitchen. As a bonus, the shared responsibility of kitchen clean-up can create positive new bonds among shared space community members.

Create a Welcoming and Comfortable Coworking Kitchen for Your Community Members

It is easy to take the kitchen-as-congregation-space phenomenon for granted, but take it from us, it is invaluable. Even better, with just a few essential kitchen amenities, it happens fairly organically.

If you need more ideas or would like to tour our space to see our kitchen set-up, contact us so we can work out the details and share some ideas.


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