Tech Startups Keep Springing Up in Atlanta

Technology startups are no longer flocking solely to Silicon Valley. Atlanta has become the beneficiary of this industry-wide dispersement around the country. Hypepotamus reports that “Atlanta’s talent growth rate from 2010-2013 was 21.2 percent, making it the sixth fastest growing market out of the top 10.”

Atlanta Has Become a Partner to the Growing Tech Community

Tech firms around the country would love to know why the Atlanta tech community continues to thrive. Theories abound as to why Atlanta has become a mainstay in the top 10 U.S. technology meccas. Atlanta real estate experts have chimed in to state that Atlanta has simply built─and continues to build─a lot of momentum.

With a combination of low rents and a low cost of doing business, it seems like Atlanta will likely continue on this upward trajectory for the foreseeable future.

The Secret Ingredient for Tech Startup Success in Atlanta Is Coworking

Foundr discusses the concept and condition of “startup loneliness,” along with other challenges that often plague independent contractors, freelancers, small business startup owners, part-time telecommuters, and solopreneurs. Coworking in Atlanta is helping these tech savvy self-starters make the transition, which keeps attracting more and more tech startups.

Take a look at a few of the reasons for the symbiotic relationship between community-based shared work spaces and hot new tech startups:

  • A Chance to Escape a Home-Based Space without Breaking the Bank. Like many other types of business startups, it is difficult to cross the bridge from home-based business owner to commercial lessee. Coworking at a premier facility in Atlanta solves both issues.
  • The Cure for Startup Loneliness and Lack of Cohesion. Mentioned above, working as part of a disparate cloud company, software development team, or mobile app design partnership can feel lonely. Such disconnection can also inhibit a company’s growth potential. Coworking in Atlanta provides a duo or a small team with an upbeat setting where they can take breaks to bounce ideas off one another, further cementing the foundation of the growing tech business. Also, according to Foundr, 46% of tech companies reported an increase in income since they started going to a coworking space.
  • Access to All the Necessary Equipment and Amenities without the Upkeep Costs. Costs for leasing a space can quickly spiral far beyond a tech startup’s budget. When choosing to sign on with a coworking facility, everything is included, such as WiFi, printing services, a business center, a break room, conference rooms, convenient parking, restrooms, cleaning service, and utilities. Without worrying about ordinarily fees not directly related to a lease, workers can relax and get down to business in a relaxed atmosphere, among like-minded and driven professionals.

Explore SharedSpace for an Idea of How Coworking Spaces Are the Perfect Fit for the Tech Community

If you are moving to Atlanta to start your tech company, or you already live here, we would love to meet you and show you around our upbeat, comfortable, and professional digs at SharedSpace. Contact us to schedule a tour or to spend a day exploring our facility and meeting your future coworking neighbors to get a feel for it all.


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