You probably vividly remember the early days of working at home and how thrilling it was to launch your own freelance business or startup. The whirring of the washing machine and the neighbor’s lawn mower didn’t faze you since you were completely focused on realizing your vision.

Fast forward to today, and you may find yourself wondering where your ability to tune out the ordinarily welcome ambient sounds of home went. You might also get the feeling your ideas are stagnating without bouncing them off of fellow professionals, as opposed to your spouse or your neighbor across the fence.

And perhaps the most telling concern of all that you may be feeling is that your energy, productivity and progress have stalled. Basically, what all of these micro-frustrations are telling you is that you need to switch things up by stepping out into a new environment like a local coworking space.

Coworking as a Growth Engine: How Coworking Helps Your Business Grow

Not only can joining an Atlanta coworking community change your daily outlook and established productivity, it can help you take your business to the next level. Ponder some of the following ways that coworking serves as a growth engine, which can help your business grow.

  • Professional Camaraderie without Competition. The chances are good that your shared space community will house professionals from a variety of industries and fields. This type of atmosphere allows you to get inspiration from a general professional energy without worrying about competition and hostility.
  • Networking Opportunities. There are many ways that your shared office might allow for new networking opportunities, including connections via fellow community members, the coworking team, or via a special in-house event for the coworking community. All of this translates to gaining more potential exposure for your company and brand. Networking in a shared office might even come down to collaborating with a coworking community member to complement each other’s skills and needs for a project.
  • Conference Rooms and Small Meeting Rooms Help You Close Game-Changing Deals. Your Atlanta coworking space can provide the perfect small meeting room or conference room to help you land a new contract or finish the final stages of a major project with several members of your startup team.
  • Supplies and Services Streamline Your Day for Better Productivity. With services and supplies  like in-house printers, cleaning and WiFi, bottomless coffee, and easy access to meeting rooms, you can focus on your work with little-to-no-interruption.

Learn More About How to Grow Your Business While Working with a Coworking Space

At SharedSpace, we get the chance to watch our community members, along with their businesses, grow and flourish, translating to leaps in productivity, new clients and profits. If you want to learn more about how our Atlanta coworking team can help your business grow, we would love to talk to you. Contact us to arrange a tour or book a free day in the office to see all that we have to offer for yourself.


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