If you haven’t experienced coworking for yourself, you may think it’s simply an alternative way to rent work space. While it’s understandable for an “outsider” to have that viewpoint, it’s inaccurate. Coworking is much, much more than a different way to lease a place to work. It’s a transformative global movement that’s built on five core values which, when considered together, embody everything that coworking really is.

Keep reading to learn what the core values of coworking are and what they mean to true coworkers located throughout the world.


The people who occupy a coworking space often collaborate with one another even if they work in unrelated industries. They learn together by attending lectures and presentations. They socialize with each other during on- and off-site social events.

In other words, the individual members who join a coworking space band together to form a tight-knit community over time through shared experiences. A successful coworking space will be run by a manager who facilitates interactions between members, fosters the relationships that exist between them and creates opportunities for members to interact with one another.


Coworking spaces are open. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a physical coworking space has high ceilings and long lines of available desk space. What it does mean is that the people who work in coworking spaces are open-minded when it comes to other members of the community, making it easy for everyone to feel like they fit in.

Openness also means that people renting coworking space are generally prepared to accept what’s unexpected. In a coworking space, you never know who you’ll work next to, what you’ll learn or what you’ll get involved with from day to day. Being open to the unexpected often makes leasing coworking space rewarding for many community members.


Collaboration is one of the essential underpinnings of coworking. Coworking spaces give their members the opportunity to work with people across industries without having to conform to a set corporate culture. Managers of successful coworking spaces often view their members as co-collaborators who work with their physical space as well as other community members.


As it relates to coworking spaces, sustainability refers to community members supporting, nourishing and lifting each other to even greater levels of success. By giving, contributing and helping others, individual members sustain the community they share with other members. Because members work close together physically, they overhear ideas and recognize opportunities to help others move ahead. This sort of pay-it-forward mentality contributes greatly to the sustainable nature of coworking spaces.


One of the foundational pillars of coworking is accessibility. You can cowork as long as you have the freedom to work from wherever you want to. You don’t even need to join a dedicated coworking space. You can cowork with others in your own dining room or someone else’s office. The key factor when it comes to accessibility is that you get to choose where you work for yourself.

If you manage a coworking space, you need to keep your center accessible by not implementing a screening or application process. You have to trust that things will work out when a new person wants to join your community.

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