Meet Jaco! He is the President of Talisman Rentals, which is a company that offers quality rental equipment for construction uses. He is a member at our Cobb location!

What drew you to the profession you’re in?

Opportunity to work with my brother and the develop the business in the US.

What makes you different than other companies in your industry?

We have a franchise model and the focus on quality equipment through partnerships with some of world’s leading manufacturers in construction equipment and tools.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone who is wanting to start or manage their own business?

You must have a passion for your business.

How has coworking changed or grown your business?

We are using the co-working space while our new office space gets renovated. It has given us the ability to continue developing our business without interruption and we have also networked with some interesting people at Shared Space.

What do you do you like to do for fun?

Work and mountain biking!


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