Meet Whitney of eXcelerate, which is a technical business skills incubator headquartered in Atlanta, GA.
They teach business skills courses that aren’t taught in traditional settings and their goal is to make everyone “Day One Ready”. eXcelerate wants to help bridge the gap for employees who are under qualified within the skills needed to succeed!
We asked Whitney a few questions about her business:

What drew you to the profession that you are in?
My love to Excel drew me into the profession I was in as a Business and Data Analyst for Home Depot. My love for Excel grew into my love for data analytics and corporate analysis.
What makes you different than other companies in your industry?
What makes eXcelerate different is the local feel. We HATE the corporate way of doing things. We like to get our hands dirty and actually teach!
What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone who is wanting to start or manage their own business?
My biggest advice is to grow small. I have failed 2 times prior to this starting my own business and both times I was unemployed. 2 years ago, I started eXcelerate on my first day on the job as a Business Analyst for Home Depot. It was SUPER stressful but it alleviated me the stress of the money aspect of the business. 18 months in, I was able to quit my job because I crawled before I walked.
How has coworking changed or grown your business?
Coworking has inspired me! Initially, I was not a fan of coworking, but that’s because I didn’t find Savanna and Brad just yet. Being at Shared Space Cobb, I have been supported by many of the members and the general support and happiness of my success from them have motivated me tremendously!
What do you do you like to do for fun?
For fun, I love hanging with my best friend and catching up on great girls time laughs!

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