1. What made you interested in politics and how did you get involved with Progressive Turnout Project?

My interest politics started in college while doing research on uninsured Georgians. I wanted to find ways to have the greatest impact on my community. During my research, I learned how large a role plays in everyone’s health whether insured, underinsured or uninsured. The greatest way, for me at least, to positively impact the lives of people I care about is to do my part to make sure we elect individuals with policies that look out for all Americans.  I got involved with Progressive Turnout Project after learning how the organization strives to find the best ways to increase voter contact.


2. What about your work makes you excited to get up in the morning?

Working with volunteers in the community. Volunteers I’ve worked with over the years represent the best qualities of America: hardworking, selfless and endeavoring to do the most good in their communities.


3. How do you think working out of SharedSpace has changed your work or increased your productivity?

Sharedspace made setting up our office really easy. Some of the challenges I’ve had setting up past offices have been eliminated altogether. Internet,  security, furniture and all the equipment we need for a short term office is readily available and affordable. The conference rooms are a huge plus for conducting meetings and hosting events. On top of everything, the staff here are amazing and always willing to assist me when I need anything.


4. What is your favorite app and why?

Amazon Prime Now is hands down my favorite because I don’t like wasting time in stores. I love filling up my cart and having everything I need for the office or home delivered on my schedule.


If you’re interested in checking out Progressive Turnout Project, visit their  website  or  facebook page.

If you’d like to connect with Ucha, add her on  LinkedIn!


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