What drew you to the profession you’re in?

I can break that down into two categories; what drew me to research and what drew me to games.  I got into research because I was always interested in the way that consumers actually interacted with brands and products.  I love “theory” and “concepts”, but was always drawn to practice in the form or what consumers did in the real world. Research was a perfect fit and the idea that I get to interview people daily as a part of my job is just the cherry on top.  In terms of games I grew up playing them and always loved delving into new worlds and getting that very unique sense of completion one gets from a game. I also wanted to prove my Mom wrong when she said all that time trying to beat Mario Bros. 3 was “wasted.”


What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

“No one knows what they are doing.  Just do it.” This is more of an amalgam of advice I got from professors in Grad School, colleagues and just observing work in the real world.  I was always scared to start a business because of all the things I DIDN’T know and thought people who were successful had some unique or specific knowledge.  I learned after several years working that it wasn’t what you know, but what you can learn and how you can deliver on what you promise regardless of whether you have done it before or not.


If you could run your company from any city in the world, what city would you choose?

I would probably choose London because I am a EPL nut, I like their relaxed (and frequent) attitude towards pints at lunch and I generally prefer cold and rainy to hot and arid.


What is the most challenging thing about your work?

Other than cash flow?  The biggest challenge for me is keeping up with the many hats you need to wear each day.  An account from 8-9 AM, a sales person at the 11 AM coffee, an office manager at 2 PM ordering PC supplies and a consultant from 4-8 PM doing groups.  It is VERY easy to get overwhelmed and behind and end up looking longingly at the couch in the elevator entry way for a nap at midnight when a deadline is looming.


How did you hear about SharedSpace and what makes it a good fit for your business?

SharedSpace has been great for us because we spend a lot of time at the office and having a vibrant, updated and all in one solution for a lease is great.  The staff is truly the reason we stay though. Whether paying bills or setting up an increasingly ambitious lab we feel like we have a lot of support in the team here who seem genuinely into helping us succeed.



Brad Williams

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