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Meet CommissionTrac!

What does your organization do?

CommissionTrac is the first cloud application for commercial real estate brokerages. The platform is the easiest way to organize and streamline invoicing, commission management and accounting operations.

What is your mission?

To streamline the operational challenges in the commercial real estate industry.

What are some of your favorite successes so far?

Watching our team grow from a single hot desk, to dedicated office, to a bigger dedicated office, to our own office in the same building as SharedSpace has been an exciting ride of the past 2 years. We still keep our membership at SharedSpace too, that way we can keep a smaller office and then go upstairs when we all need to meet in a conference room.

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the future?

We have a big white paper on adopting technology in commercial real estate coming out soon. You can read some of the blog posts that inspired the white paper… and other musings on all things commercial real estate and technology on the CommissionTrac Blog

What is your favorite thing to do as a team?

Our weekly game of mini basketball in our new office. We play a shortened version of the classic game “P.I.G” with a small Nerf basketball hoop as a team every Friday. The winner gets to pick the location of our weekly team lunch the following Tuesday!



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