Who are you and what is ChirpyHire?

My name is Wayne Henderson. I’m the Co-Founder & CEO of ChirpyHire.

ChirpyHire is a web app that automates Caregiver Recruiting for Senior Care Providers.

Just think of ChirpyHire as Google Alerts and iMessage on steroids, in the same user interface…this screening automation completely reengineers the current process for recruiting caregivers by allowing Senior Care providers to connect with 100s of candidates who are actively seeking more shifts during this “Caregiver Crisis”, automatically qualifying them and setting next steps in minutes.

Our mission is to “get more caregivers to work” and we do that in three ways: Sourcing, Process, Messaging

We are redefining a job role in an industry that has real challenges, while solving a real problem for real people.

Why did you start ChirpyHire?

My friend and fellow Co-Founder, Harry Whelchel, built ChirpyHire from the ground up to help address what mainstream media outlets are labeling “The Caregiver Crisis.”

There is a perfect storm brewing. This storm can be seen in the culmination of three macro-level economic conditions, they are:

  1. Baby Boomers aging rapidly, outliving their retirements and wanting to “Age in Place”.
  2. Millennials are now the largest working group in the US economy. There is a gap in worldview and ways of communicating that traditional employers are having challenges with. This results in recruiting/retention crisis.
  3. The Home Care industry is extremely fragmented with +25,000 franchises across the country. These companies are entrenched in archaic, grossly inefficient processes. 

How has the growth of ChirpyHire been so far?

Since we reset ChirpyHire in February of this year, we’ve been able to achieve some humble milestones.

+2,000 Active Caregivers sourced for our users

+100% user growth week over week since February

Our customers have scheduled 5x more interviews

The above milestones are a good starting point to the success our customers are having with ChirpyHire. Receiving the customer testimonials, random phone calls, in-app chats is what really keeps a smile on our face and the motivation to keep pushing!

How did you hear about SharedSpace?

Harry went to school with Michael Everts, President of SharedSpace. At first I was skeptical. Yes, SharedSpace is right next to my house in Chamblee. That didn’t hurt. But, collectively Harry and I have strong ties in the local startup community in Atlanta where loyalty is everything.

With that said, there is a greater mission at play here for the city of Atlanta and that is the proliferation of Startups all throughout the Atlanta community that are focused on solving real problems. It’s an arms race of innovation these days. In that sense, SharedSpace is a “startup” for startups that we are happy to support because it plays into what the spirit of a startup actually is – making something from nothing.

What makes SharedSpace good for you?

Mike is amazing. He is a follower of Paul Graham and literally does everything you can think of that  won’t scale. His personal touch with the current members and potential members is phenomenal. Pretty sure the guy doesn’t sleep, always has a smile on his face and is always on the move.

I like to joke that I’ve convinced him to wear nice tennis shoes (clean) with his business casual outfits to be more comfortable and trendy while meeting the day to day demands. Also, we may or may not have accidentally written on walls that we thought were dry eraser friendly, haha.

We have lots of fun at SharedSpace. Happy to help promote the community!


If you’re interested in checking out ChirpyHire, visit their  website  or  facebook page.

If you’d like to connect with Wayne, add him on  LinkedIn!



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