Check Out Some Solutions to Prevent the Coworking Conference Room Blues

We understand the struggles of accommodating all of our Atlanta coworking professionals at ShareSpace at all times when it comes to booking conference rooms. We have come up with five solutions to help avoid back-ups and misunderstandings.

  1. Use a Professional Meeting Room Booking System. There are several meeting room booking systems available, but we really appreciate the features that Robin has to offer. Robin makes it easy for coworking tenants to the conference room they want at one of the available times. Additionally, this service allows you data on each room’s usage to help you either decide whether you need to adjust your space to accommodate an additional meeting room, or if you need to inform community members about the limited availability of a particular room size.
  2. Mount iPads Outside of Each Room That Display the Room’s Availability. Sometimes your coworking tenants may want to spontaneously pop into a room when a meeting is going on or one is about to begin. Their ability to check the display to see if there is meeting that is about to start can avoid conference room clusters, confusion and embarrassment.
  3. Allow Members to Book from the Mounted iPad or Through the Member Portal System. The more options your coworkers have to book a conference room, the better. If they want to sign up for an afternoon session, they can simply do so by consulting the mounted iPad display if they are walking past, or via the member portal system on their laptop or smartphone.
  4. Provide Members with a Certain Number of Hours to Use Each Month with Their Membership Tier. We provide a certain number of hours per month per membership tier to our coworking members, increasing based on their membership level as a basic amenity. For example, our hot desk members receive two hours, our pro desk members receive five hours, our dedicated desk members receive 10 hours, and our private office members receive 15 hours of conference room time per month. With this amenity, members increasingly find ways to make use of these rooms and their amazing resources.
  5. Encourage Members to Book Rooms and to Always Check Availability Before Using. The best way to avoid embarrassment and tension for coworking members is to mind the rules of using conference rooms by checking availability and booking rooms in advance. You probably won’t face many big issues since you are working with professionals, but people do get busy and forget from time to time. Place friendly reminders about the value of your conference rooms and the importance of checking availability before using in your coworking space’s newsletter and other materials everyone will have access to.

Maintain a Positive Conference Room Flow at Your Atlanta Coworking Space

We know your days are probably full at your own coworking space, trying to keep everything running smoothly for your digital nomads. Thankfully, there are several ways to help your coworkers get the most out of your conference and meeting rooms, without scheduling conflicts. If you need any additional ideas, we can help. Contact us at SharedSpace to discuss any other ideas to help manage your conference rooms, or anything else you have in mind.


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