WeWork Co-Work.

Living and working in Manhattan is in of itself a one of a kind experience. I get exposed to the city and all it has to offer.

I also get exposed to all types of commercial real estate environments. Traditional office, startup office, co-working, we working, retail, restaurant and believe it or not establishments that sell adult beverages.

There has been more than enough press about WeWork and what they are, do and may become.

I have one thing to say about the WeWork spaces that I have been in (BTW I count five different locations in New York alone) the people in those spaces are busting some serious ass. People are hustling, and it is always a dynamic environment. You may want to focus on the free beer and organic snacks, but that’s not what I see at all. At least not in New York. Is it just because of the environment alone? I’m not so sure.

I have also been around my fair share of incubators. I applaud them all for the time effort and money they put forth trying to start, grow and help give companies a better chance at success. Over the years, there have been a few connections between commercial real estate and the co-working/incubator model.

What if you put them all together and backed it with people who own and broker commercial real estate?

What if you did it in Atlanta?

Well, someone has.

SharedSpace Atlanta.

SharedSpace, Atlanta’s newest coworking space, is one of the few recently founded incubators located outside of the Perimeter at 4470 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. Their mission is to provide an open, collaborative environment for innovators, entrepreneurs, and mentors alike to collaboratively pursue their dreams.

SharedSpace will focus on suburban markets with smaller footprints in the 5,000 – 8,000 square foot range. Through partnering with local investors and exclusive industry service providers, SharedSpace can offer small entities support that other coworking spaces can’t. They aim to do so by operating under the radar of larger companies, such as WeWorks, ATDC, and Atlanta Tech Village.

Sharedspace is in discussions with several landlords for their second venue which will either be located in the I-85 corridor, GA 400 corridor, or near Grant Park near the Beltline.

These are the first steps in a larger, national vision, which founding member, Daniel Levison commented, “We plan to create locations and alliances with other co-working spaces around the US for its members to have a place [to work] as they travel for business.” We also see Sharedspace as a natural incubator for our commercial brokerage company – Commercial Property Professionals.

To foster support, SharedSpace has formed key sponsorships with StartUp Atlanta, Atlanta Tech Angels and Hypepotamus (social media blog for startups in Atlanta) the Israeli Chamber of Commerce, recently renamed Conexx. These partnership will help SharedSpace create a series of lunch and learn sessions 4-6 times each month, along with educational seminars and other community events to benefits its members.

Since receiving accreditation in early late March, SharedSpace already has multiple tenants, including Goze Tequila, Devunet Software, Mag-nificent, WNC Networking Technologies and  Leaders Legacy.

“I’ve loved my time at SharedSpace so far, and feel grateful to be one of the first members. The recent launch event brought so many like-minded people under one roof, and I am excited about the potential of this place,” said Goza Tequila CEO, Jacob Gluck.

Activity has been brisk since their launch earlier this month, and space is still available for interested individuals and small companies. Visithttps://sharedspace.work/ to learn more or inquire about joining SharedSpace.

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