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Building a Modern Conference Room Starts with a Focus on Function and Collaboration

As you glance around your tiny home office, or at the collection of refrigerator magnets as you work from your kitchen table, you realize that you need room to breathe, imagine, and truly thrive. More importantly, as your business grows, you likely need to engage with colleagues, vendors, and clients in-person. If that is the case, congratulations!

Requested face-time means your business is moving in the right direction, and it is time to answer the call by building a collaborative conference room space.

Keep a few key points in mind as you start your exciting new project:

Take Some Tips from Atlanta Coworking Firms That Get Collaborative Conference Rooms Just Right

Coworking office space owners understand the needs of Atlanta’s small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and consulting experts when it comes to collaborative workspaces and conference rooms. It often seems like a huge undertaking when so much of your work previously consisted of hunkering down at your desk, working on your computer, and occasionally taking a telephone or Skype call in a darkened corner of your home. However, as your business builds, clients and other business associates will invariably want to meet with you to discuss bigger product orders, long-range project goals, and in-depth concepts that truly flourish in the right setting.

Consider adding a few coworking space design philosophies and pro tips to your own conference room building project.

  • Invest in a Display Screen That Shows Your Images in Vivid Detail. Proper screen display size is more important than you might imagine. Companies often underestimate the potential detriment of relying on disproportionate screen sizes and may not realize it until a deal goes south. If you host a meeting that features an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation that your guests cannot read clearly, you may lose your shot in an instant. With the low cost of flat screen televisions, you can clearly present your ideas in the right proportion. Test your screen for proper size when shopping by standing back the necessary distance—the approximate distance between your conference room’s projector and the back of the room—when trying to read a Word or Excel document’s text. If the text is unclear, try the next larger size until everything is crystal clear.
  • Take Your Whiteboard to the Next Level with Whiteboard Walls. Inspiration can strike at any time, and creative people need a canvas to get their ideas out. That is why every conference room at SharedSpace has a whiteboard or whiteboard wall. There is no better way to explain and brainstorm ideas than on a vast and readily available whiteboard.
  • Make Sure You’re Connected. Even though your conference room is intended to physically gather your guests, not everyone will be able to make it. Use your big screen TV as a launch pad for connection, along with the right accessories.  Make it easy for everyone to connect with Apple TV’s, Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptors, or a straight HDMI plugin. Also, make sure you have extra adaptors in case certain laptops are incompatible with HDMI.

Additional factors that will help you create a highly productive collaborative space include comfortable chairs, a quiet environment for meeting breaks and general contemplation, and plenty of natural light.

Explore SharedSpace to Fulfill Your Coworking and Conference Room Needs Right Away

Whether a client just requested a meeting, leaving you no time to build your ideal collaborative conference room, or the process will take more time and resources than you have right now, we are here to help. When you sign with SharedSpace, you automatically receive five hours each month of bookable conference room hours. Contact us to learn more about our conference room’s features and anything else you want to know about our upbeat Atlanta coworking space.


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