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As a salesperson who worked remotely for many years, I’m familiar with the challenges of working from home. I love my current role working for SharedSpace – a coworking facility where I continuously meet other consultants and independent contractors who, like me, enjoy the structure and socialization a work community provides.

Why Larger Companies Are Utilizing Coworking Spaces

It’s easy to understand how an individual or small startup would need a ready-made office, and how they would benefit from the coworking environment. However, large, established companies are increasingly seeking out and benefiting from coworking facilities these days too. Here are a few reasons why.

Fast IT-ready office space for new acquisitions and subsidiaries

When Lenovo, a company of over 40,000 people worldwide with headquarters in Raleigh NC, acquired a 20-person branch of IBM here in Atlanta they needed a space where the group could quickly relocate with minimal disruption and downtime. SharedSpace’s ready-to-go offices – fully equipped and outfitted with new furniture, fast internet, printers, network security, and on-site IT staff – not to mention free easy parking, made it an easy decision.

According to Ivory Johnson, Lenovo Global Operations Senior Manager for Real Estate Workplace Solutions, “Coming into an office with a dedicated IT person was key. SharedSpace put our concerns to rest in terms of network security and offered us both the short-term lease flexibility and quick turnaround time we needed to get this team up and running.”

Large companies are also finding that coworking sites offer a number of attractive employee amenities that would otherwise be costly and resource-intensive to provide themselves. For instance, SharedSpace offers a stocked and maintained kitchen as well as social gathering spaces where they hold regular events like Thursday Happy Hours, Waffle Wednesdays, evening networking events, free fitness classes, and seminars like “Lunch and Learns” for professional growth. It also negotiates special rates for its members on everything from laundry services to health club memberships.

For large organizations who value a ‘look and feel’ consistent with their own branding, the modern and aesthetically pleasing design of most coworking sites also adds to the appeal. This was the case with Lenovo. Johnson shared, “Through our workplace transformation project, we are making all of our offices more collaborative. SharedSpace looks very similar to what we’re designing in-house, right down to the furniture and open spaces.”

Overflow Conference Rooms and Creative Meeting Spaces

For large companies that have their own local campuses and don’t require office space, the advantage of a coworking facility is in the extra conference room and meeting space they provide. Some of the largest companies here in Atlanta turn to SharedSpace exclusively for this reason. Sometimes their own facilities are overtaxed – no conference rooms are available on site on a given day. Other times, its because they want a more creative and fun environment for a special meeting. Taking the event off-site can help energize your staff.

With beautiful, well-equipped rooms offering the latest AV equipment – large HDMI-ready screens and televisions, Bluetooth speakers, podiums, movable training desks, banquet tables, whiteboard walls and more, it’s easy to have a great, hassle-free off-site meeting. Coffee, tea, and water are a standard provision while catering can be brought in for an extra charge. Many coworking space kitchens even have beer kegs and outdoor areas fun for evening office parties and networking events. They also have staff standing by to help you set it up.

Rooms can typically be booked online that same day with a credit card, typically for anywhere from $30-$60 per hour depending on the size of the room needed.

Recruitment and Retention of Top Talent

Another important benefit of coworking to a large company relates to hiring and employee retention. The availability of coworking offices throughout the country means that large companies can hire top talent regardless of where candidates are located while still providing them a productive and professional place to work.

This benefit is increasingly important not only to the company but to the candidates themselves. Many work-from-home employees struggle with separating their work life from their home life. Others find working from home isolating and boring. Providing a coworking office or membership to remote staff is a perk that can help attract better candidates who don’t want to work at their dining room table. And it opens you up to a much wider pool of potential candidates and top talent.

Coworking memberships for employees who are home-office based but frequently traveling (i.e. salespeople) can also help your staff be more productive while on the road.

Premium Coworking at SharedSpace

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