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The Benefits to Coworking Atlanta Do Not End Outside the Perimeter in Dunwoody

Many Atlanta insiders and aficionados understand that there are two distinct choices to make when searching for a coworking Atlanta space. Those choices involve deciding between working Inside The Perimeter (ITP) or Outside The Outside The Perimeter (OTP) in Dunwoody.

It seems like the natural inclination for solopreneurs, small business owners, and startups is to start their search in the more central Atlanta area within the city’s surrounding freeway, Interstate 285; often referred to as ITP. As practical and appealing as ITP professional life may seem on the surface, you may not want to count Dunwoody/OTP and all of its benefits out just yet.

Explore the Benefits of Coworking in Dunwoody/OTP to See if It Is Your Speed

Depending on your flexibility—in terms of factors that include crowds, green space, parking, and drive time—it may not matter to you whether you find the perfect coworking firm in the heart of Atlanta, or if your dream shared work space is tucked away in the laid back suburb of Dunwoody/OTP.

Take a look at some of our favorite benefits you can enjoy Outside The Perimeter in Dunwoody to see if you might feel like becoming a suburban coworking space convert:

  • OTP Gives You a Break from Big City Life. As exciting as Atlanta is—and it is undeniably amazing—you may want to work in a more subdued setting; especially if you live in the city. Just 10 miles north of Atlanta’s perimeter, you can slow down, and enjoy a different pace in this suburban area.
  • Dunwoody Offers Plenty of Green Space and Room to Move. Downtown Atlanta features plenty of hustle and bustle, but maybe you want to take walks outside where there is plenty of distance between you and other pedestrians. If a good quiet stroll, among lush grass and mature trees inspires you, Dunwoody is the ticket.
  • OTP Is the Perfect Area for Extracurricular Coworking Collaborations. Instead of meeting at a local pub ITP for happy hour—which or course is also an option OTP—you and your fellow coworkers might consider embarking on a local adventure at The Treetop Quest for zip lining or run through the obstacle course. Brook Run Park and Dunwoody Nature Center offer additional ways to commune with nature, whether taking a hike or lying on a hammock. These types of outings give you a chance to get to know your fellow coworking tenants while also recharging your creative batteries.
  • Dunwoody Dining Is Diverse and Plentiful. Lunch Outside The Perimeter is not a problem. You don’t have to sacrifice continental dining options when choosing coworking in Dunwoody. Whether you are craving stone-baked pizza, sushi, pasta, stir fry, burritos, or classic American fare, it is all nearby. Several major restaurant chains, including popular sandwich and bagel shops, are close by for days you want to keep things quick and simple.
  • OTP Is Easily Accessible. Thanks to MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), you can park your car and take a MARTA train to the city. You can also inform clients visiting from out-of-town that they have this option to save on expensive taxi or Uber fees. Once in Dunwoody, you can ride one of three bus lines to get around the city.

A Visit Is Truly the Best Way to Understand the Benefits of Coworking in Dunwoody/OTP

At Sharedspace, we could all go on and on about our list of benefits of working in Dunwoody, but we know it is best understood through your own experience. We invite you to schedule a free day of coworking in Dunwoody/OTP to verify that it is indeed the right atmosphere for you.



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