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A coworking space is typically occupied by different independent professionals who come together in one location to share amenities that are normally present in an individual office environment. Coworking environments have changed the way we work for the better and are excellent options for startups, freelancers and entrepreneurial businesses who do not have the desire to lease their own space in larger buildings.  

Benefits of Coworking Spaces for You and Your Business

Coworking spaces have been rapidly growing in all parts of the country from New York to San Francisco, Texas, to the southeast with SharedSpace. Coworking spaces come with amenities offering a variety of advantages for any business desiring a professional environment.


Coworking spaces are very cost effective as you don’t have to worry about managing the building temperature, exterior grounds or other operating expenses. As a member of a coworking space you also don’t have to worry about your individual internet, printing, furniture, receptionist, kitchen or security systems everything is taken care of. Centralized systems and expenses are one of the avenues coworking reduce costs for members allowing a business owner to utilize his capital to expand business.  

Community Focused

As a coworking space is shared between different people, it brings about the interaction between these individuals. Through these interactions, one is able to gain more insight into emerging trends. This community-based interaction also brings about the sharing of ideas. Ideas which can be used to improve one’s one’s business and also for individual development.

Humans are an interactive species meaning that we as humans like to communicate with each other and share knowledge. Coworking spaces foster communication and collaboration between people as they work within the same environment. In these collaborative environments, studies show the productivity of your employees and your business can grow exponentially.

Availability of Facilities

Today most coworking environments are located in urban office locations that include; telecommunication services, conference rooms, printing, security access, and paid parking. As the coworking industry continues to expand and grow there will be more available options in suburban markets. As millennials currently living in more dense urban environments marry and create families a migration back to suburbia will take place. And these same millennials will demand similar workplace environments from their employers.

It’s Collaborative

Working in a coworking space allows individuals to meet new and interact with people as opposed to working at home where one can start feeling like an isolated island. In this community-based work environment, you build relationships with individuals who inspire you and your team to work even harder. These relationships can also give you motivation as you go to work knowing that you’re working in a professional and productive environment.  

Gain more knowledge and insight

Most coworking spaces usually host events along with Lunch and Learns to bring people from different professions together. These events and functions help entrepreneurs build a network and thus enabling them to grow their business. These events can also provide more knowledge to entrepreneurs and small business owners that can be applied to help their business develop and prosper.

Comfortable, Cushy, Homey and Secure

Most shared offices are located in areas with high security and a peaceful environment. This allows you to be more productive in the work that you are doing as you are able to give more focus when your comfortable and feel secure.

With open areas furnished to feel like the living room in your home, your entire team’s productivity and motivation can be enhanced through working in a coworking environment.

In conclusion, coworking spaces can be a good option for any size business not just for start-ups and entrepreneurial small business. Corporate America has also recognized the benefits of collaborative coworking environments as a way to keep employees engaged and interact with smaller more agile businesses.

In several recent studies, CEO’s stated that retaining and recruiting top talent gave them more insomnia than concerns over their P&L statements. Coworking is an excellent avenue to create the type of work environments to recruit and keep top talent regardless of the industry.

Premiere Coworking Spaces

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