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The Right Amenities Can Make Choosing Your Coworking Atlanta Space Simple

Choosing the right coworking Atlanta space for your needs may involve several factors. Perhaps you have found several spots with a layout and overall vibe that appeals to you, but you need something else to put one over the top. The right coworking amenities may help tip the scales between several front runners, making your choice easier.

The 5 Most Interesting Coworking Amenities

There is no lack of creativity when it comes to designing coworking spaces around the world, especially when it comes to amenities. A coworking facility’s amenities are meant to allow the company to stand apart. We did a search of some of the most unique and interesting coworking amenities available so we could share our five favorites with you.

  1. Lay Down Your Audition Tape or Song Track In-House at the Recording Studio. Many multi-purpose coworking spaces feature an in-house recording studio. A professional recording studio on the grounds of your shared work space—or by searching for a specialized coworking studio—can make your music composition, voiceover work, and podcasting pursuits practical and convenient. Work on your music composition or script at a hot desk then bolt over to the studio to work with an engineer to come up with a quick sample to test out your ideas to find out how they sound.
  2. Creativity and Mixed Drinks Go Hand-In-Hand in a Social Coworking Space. Happy hour is a time-honored tradition in the traditional workforce for several good reasons, which include coming up with ideas on a whim while enjoying a cocktail. What if you and your coworking peers had access to this type of environment 24/7? A growing trend among coworking designers is to create a space that features a prominent restaurant and bar where solopreneurs, small business owners, and startup members can gather to relax, order their favorite drink, and ideally, generate new ideas. At the very least, you can break away from your desk if your productivity is stuck in neutral.
  3. Keep It Virtually Real in Front of the Green Screen. Ideal for gaming and virtual reality startup professionals, there are coworking spaces that have everything you need on-site to come up with the next Pokémon. Augmented reality developers will find amenities such as virtual reality and augmented reality platform equipment and production facilities, community and private workspaces for intensive projects, and startup legal and accounting services.
  4. High-Tech Vending Machines for High-Level Appetites. At SharedSpace, we have discovered the beauty—for the benefit of our coworking professionals and for ourselves—of offering high-tech vending through our Micromart partnership. Companies like Southern Refreshment offers high-quality snacks and beverages that encourage alertness without sacrificing healthy eating.
  5. Restore Your Productivity with a Power Nap in a Special Nap Pod. Imagine, if you will, a designated place where you are encouraged to step away from your work desk to take a nap. While many of the nap pod designs look like props from a science fiction film, nap pods are real and available at many coworking firms.

We Hope You Will Test Out Some of Our Amenities

While we do not have an on-site bar, nap pod, recording studio, or virtual reality green screen at SharedSpace, we are proud of ample list of varied amenities. Featuring a Micromart, 24/7 facility access, printing services, coffee and other hot beverages, convenient parking, and a thriving community atmosphere, we believe you will love our unique collection of coworking amenities.

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