The entrepreneurial spirit that reverberates shared workspaces helps lift great ideas off the ground. Some seriously successful startups launched from coworking spaces. Some continue using these spaces for meetings or remote employees; some were acquired by other well-known giants. Check out who grew from a shared desk to a big HQs thanks to their humble start in a coworking hub.


Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the widely successful Instagram from a coworking space. Their image-based social platform was developed in just eight weeks in Dogpatch Labs. Facebook purchased Instagram for over $1 billion, and the social app remains one of the most popular in use today.


Business ventures aren’t the only startups benefiting from coworking spaces. Nonprofit charity:water is on a mission to bring safe drinking water to millions of people around the globe. They have funded over 21,000 projects since their 2006 launch in a New York coworking hub.


Atlanta startup Nuracode provides code-based solutions and digital strategy for some big players like DreamWorks, Sprite, AARP, and more. It’s a leading minority-owned tech company and a one-stop shop for software and app development.


It started as a way to fund independent film projects, but today is one of the world’s largest crowdfunding platforms. It’s raised over $800 million since its 2008 launch. Like coworking spaces, it supports entrepreneurs from startup to marketplace.


San Francisco is a hotbed of technology ideas (as is Atlanta, might we add), and this social media curating and posting platform is one of the coworking success stories. Working in a coworking space helped Hootsuite founders make the right connections to execute their ideas. Now it’s valued at over $1 billion.


This transportation disruptor now has serious financial backing, but it all started from coworking spaces, first in New York, then in San Francisco. They relied on coworking as a way to keep costs down while making the right connections. Clearly it’s worked, as Uber is now worth in the billions.


This app began in a coworking space, which gave the founder and CEO Jonathan Wegener a platform to launch and network. Timehop is a feature that allows you to see what you’ve posted on any given day, however many years ago.


Wanderfly’s wildly successful platform attracted TripAdvisor’s attention, which acquired the web platform for an unknown sum. The three founders utilized coworking spaces while they fundraised their first $1 million in capital during their first year. Wanderfly helped travelers find experiences based on their budgets or specific needs.


Launching from San Francisco’s RocketSpace, Spotify’s music streaming service is valued around $8 billion. The platform generates revenue for ad placements and premium subscriptions.

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