The way office space is designed is changing in big ways. In fact, a recent CBRE Research Report found that 52 percent of corporate executives anticipate implementing some level of unassigned seating in the workplace within the next three years to promote space efficiency and flexibility. The traditional office design with cubicles and offices is beginning to transform into more creative office layouts. Let’s take a deep dive into five trends in office space design.

#1. No More Big Private Offices

Everyone from CEOs to young professionals are working in the same type of workstation. Instead of a separate area for conference rooms, they are now located in the midst of all of the workstations. All team members are close enough to speak yet when privacy is needed, the workstation offers a door to enclose the space. The existence of private offices is no more as collaborative office layouts have become the norm.

#2. Unassigned Seating

Employees no longer need to be chained to their desks all the time to place a phone call or check email. Unassigned seating or touchdown spaces allow for professionals to work from wherever they want to in the office. The process to plug into a touchdown space is easy and professionals have the freedom and flexibility to move around in ways they could not in previous office layouts.

#3. Open Office Concepts

So many companies both big and small are tearing down the drywall and opening up the office for a greater flow of creativity and collaboration. Having fewer private offices requires less drywall and offers a truly open office concept. Cubicles are arranged throughout the floor and help professionals work in close proximity to each other without it being disrupting.

#4. Spaces to Recharge

Now there are entirely separate areas from traditional break rooms where employees can unwind, relax or even take a quick nap. Some companies go as far as to include bean bags, yoga mats and café like areas for employees to take time to recharge and re-energize to promote more efficiency and less stress.

#5. More Texture & Color

Studies have shown that we are drawn to natural textures such as wood, metals and stone and many companies are beginning to implement elements of nature into the office space. Office designs are including natural finishes and textures. Rather than bland white walls and traditional neutral colors, office designs are now utilizing pops of color to create a more creative and exciting work space.

The way offices are being designed today is so different than in years past – private offices are being converted to huddle rooms and employees are working within cubicles in open layout offices. From open office concepts to splashes of color, offices are being designed to truly tailor to the needs of the workforce. Architects and designers are taking entirely new approaches to creating the workplace of the future.

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