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Essential Coworking Amenities For Your Space

For most members, the choice between coworking spaces and a traditional office is a no-brainer. What traditional office spaces can offer tenants in terms of square footage and personal office space, coworking venues more than makeup for with top-notch amenities and services.


A staple of any workplace, coffee is number one on our list of top coworking amenities. For SharedSpace members and staff, having delicious coffee available at all times is a huge deal. We pride ourselves on supporting small businesses within our own communities by providing our members with coffee that’s roasted locally and brewed fresh daily.

24/7 Access

Today, many workers, especially freelancers and remote workers, have the freedom to choose their own hours (which is great for early birds and night owls). A huge benefit of coworking is being able to choose how and when you work, leading to more productivity and better performance. At SharedSpace, all members have access to their home base location 24/7. Using a safe, reliable security system that connects to an app on their phone, members can access the building at any time they wish.

Private Event Space

An often overlooked but highly-desired feature of any workspace is private space for corporate or social events. Coworking members are often well-connected to both the small-business and greater local community. The best spaces offer members a place to share their ideas by holding panels, lunch and learns, and other networking events. As business grows within the space, so does the opportunity to reach out to others beyond coworking walls. Each SharedSpace location has its own event space, available to both members and outside parties.

Conference Rooms

A lot of coworking benefits have to do with community and collaboration, but it’s equally important that members have access to private, personal space as well. Little pockets for privacy, such as phone booths and meeting rooms are just as essential during the workday as collaborative spaces. SharedSpace office members get monthly conference room credits, where they can hold company-wide meetings or just have a little private time.


Here at SharedSpace, community is considered less of an amenity and more of a requirement. What coworking residents want more than anything is a space where they enjoy spending their time and getting work done. With events such as weekly Happy Hours, monthly Waffle Wednesdays, Lunch & Learns, and many other community events, we create a unique sense of community at each location. Our staff strives to make every single member feel welcome and at home in our space, whether you have a monthly membership, or are just stopping in for an off-site meeting.

Coworking Leaders

SharedSpace is a regional coworking business focused on creating modern, professional, and energetic work environments to stimulate the creativity and productivity of entrepreneurial businesses and their teams! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your business is looking for creative opportunities reinvigorate your workforce and brand with a modern coworking environment like SharedSpace. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities or for a consultation on your business.



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