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Are You Ready to Join the Atlanta Coworking Crowd?

If you find yourself trying to strike up animated business conversations with your cat, dog, bird, or even a friendly plant, it may be time to consider working outside of your home with the continually growing coworking crowd in Atlanta and beyond.

Considering the fact that there are 7,800 coworking spaces around the world, per Frontier Business Edge, you are not alone in your need to extend your work boundaries. It seems that every freelancer, small business owner, or small software development team eventually needs to step out of their comfortable little corner of the world and meet their peers in neutral territory.

The 5 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Coworking Space in Atlanta

Having decided to skip signing a traditional lease in favor of spending your work days at a shared workspace, you now need to figure out just what you want and need from your coworking space in Atlanta.

While you may have some highly-specialized ideas for your ideal shared workplace environment, there are some factors that may stand out above the rest for many solopreneurs. Take a look at the 5 most important factors industry insiders cite when it comes to choosing a prime shared professional space in Atlanta.

  1. Location Is Where It’s At. While you want to leave home in the morning to help increase productivity and grow your business, you probably don’t want a long commute. By finding a coworking site that features a decent proximity to home, you will be able to strike the work life balance that suits you best. Additionally, keep your prospective clients’ accessibility to your coworking facility in mind. Whether arriving from the airport or across town, search for the best strategic location.
  2. Shop Around for the Best Coworking Price and Value for Your Needs. Depending on your individual and business needs, your cost will vary. However, you definitely shop around to explore various prices, as well as what you get for your money. Look at all the amenities, the location, the various available rooms and services, and the types of available desks at each coworking location to help determine the value for the fees. Most local shared workspace firms offer everything from a common area and dedicated desk plan to a private office option. Double-check your budget and the available price tiers before writing off your dream space.
  3. There Is a Coworking Vibe for Every Solopreneur Personality. Modern marketing seems to dictate that coworking firms come across as recreation-based spaces where independent workers occasionally step away from the ping-pong table to compose an email. However, that is not the reality of what most solopreneurs what, nor what most shared work facilities offer, notes Deskmag. While there is a spectrum of shared space vibes out there, the best spaces offer something that falls comfortably between a quiet library and a game arcade. You still have plenty of room in between to choose whether you want something more professional, geared toward courting clients, or a space focused on your ability to create and produce. Above all else, you need to feel comfortable, so visiting your list of potential coworking facilities is essential.
  4. Services and Amenities to Make You Smile. Make sure your prospective coworking companies offer the services and amenities you need and want. Some amenities are essential, such as printing and wifi, others leave you with fun options to consider. Whether you want someplace with a nap pod, gym membership, or unlimited coffee refills, search for the services and amenities that will lure you to your shared work space on the days you’d rather stay home in your cozy slippers and bathrobe.
  5. Convenience Is Critical. Eating is fundamental for most hard-working solopreneurs. Check out the dining options at each coworking space, including nearby restaurants, in-house snacks and vending machines, or a kitchen where you can heat up leftovers. Other conveniences to consider include free ample nearby parking, an online member portal, and 24/7 building access.

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